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Will Solar Street Lights Work On Cloudy Days?

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Will solar street lights work on cloudy days?

Solar street light, is a street light that uses solar energy as power. But how can a solar street light work on a long cloudy day with no sun? You may wonder, how can something powered by solar energy work on cloudy days? Rest assured that your solar street lights will continue to work whether it’s cloudy, rainy, sleeting or sunny. When it’s cloudy, they will collect less energy than when it’s sunny. But that doesn’t mean they don’t collect any energy.

First, you must understand how solar street lights work. The working principle of solar street lights is that during the daytime, the solar panel converts the sun’s radiant energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery through an intelligent controller, and controls the discharge of the battery on the lamp post at night. According to the requirements, the lighting time is reasonably allocated.

How does the solar street light store energy when it is cloudy?

The solar street light itself and the electrical system are designed to be waterproof and equipped with a battery to store energy. In some rainy days, solar street lights can work in rainy days. If it rains for several days in a row, it depends on how many consecutive rainy days the street light configuration (solar panel, battery, led power) and technology can withstand.

And it’s the clouds that reflect the light. They reduce the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the solar panels, but direct sunlight is not all there is. When clouds reflect light, the energy of scattered light increases. The effect of diffuse light energy on solar panels is lower than the effect of direct sunlight.

Solar panels can also be charged in the rain, but the amount of charge will vary depending on the amount of rain. Solar street lights are equipped with battery charging and discharging devices and usually charge themselves when there is enough sunlight, while relying on battery power to keep the street light running in rainy weather. Solar energy is charged in the presence of sunlight. On cloudy days, the sunlight is weak and the carrying capacity is relatively weak.

The PBOX solar street light is able to provide this reliability thanks to our lithium iron phosphate batteries. With their innovative patented dual cell management system, they provide excellent charging efficiency.

When designing the system, we size the solar panels and batteries for the specific location of the street light installation based on data from the weather bureau to ensure that your street light has a battery life of 3-4 nights. This means that the fixture will have enough power to last 3-4 nights even if there is no sun. So with the ability to generate power even on cloudy days, you can be sure that your lights will keep shining night after night.

In the case of solar street lights, there are three key points in the design that make them last the longest in rainy weather. In terms of hardware, additional configurations are needed. First, improve the conversion efficiency of solar panels. On the one hand, you can choose solar panels with high conversion efficiency per unit area, on the other hand, you can also increase the area of solar panels, that is, increase the power of solar panels; secondly, increase the battery capacity, as solar energy is not a power source that can continuously provide stable power, then you can use energy storage equipment to store power and continuously and steadily output . The third point, from a technical point of view, through technical means to achieve intelligent regulation of power, intelligent judgment of recent weather conditions, reasonable planning of discharge power.

Is it good for solar street light when it rains?

Even if it is raining, it may be a good thing for your solar street light. When it is raining heavily outside, the solar cells will not generate electricity. However, your panels will get a free cleaning. The bad “weather” will wash away any stains, dirt or impurities that have accumulated on your panels. This means that they will be able to collect sunlight more efficiently. The next time the sun comes out, you’ll be thankful for the extra energy the rain gives you.

PBOX solar street lights deliver the light levels they promise, whether it’s raining, hailing or sunny. We have advanced and innovative solar technology that won’t leave you in the dark. With our self-cleaning glass, dual patented lithium polymer batteries, and smart control system, rest assured.

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