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Why Solar Power Kit Stands Out For Your Home Services

solar power kit

Everyone or every home needs a backup solution to have efficient and reliable lighting which does not fail due to external factors like electricity does. Therefore, many people are adopting a new generation of power by embracing biogas lighting, solar lighting systems, wind lighting systems, etc. PBOX offers a large bundle of various products for P6/P7 home lighting systems. These products will enable you to take advantage of solar energy. You will be comfortable, you can solve the problems caused by power outages, and most importantly you will not have to pay for electricity. Your home system will be under your control. We will focus on this system and his components and how they will make your home life comfortable.

Integrated Lithium Battery

This is a long-lasting battery that will serve you for more than 8 years. It can perform 2000 charge and discharge cycles at 100% DOD for the most. It has an efficient power design with a charging and discharging efficiency of up to 96+-2%. The battery can hold 77Wh-1536Wh. these are the features that make the battery very efficient and durable. the PBOX solar experts will ensure that the battery has the right quality and is fully functional.

Safe system control

The system uses a voltage lower than 36V which is very safe. Also, the system has a current protector that protects the lighting system from short circuits and excessive voltages. This is a reliable feature that ensures the system provides you with the longest possible service time.

Simple Installation procedure

The panel can be easily mounted on the roof by using a sturdy mounting bracket. The mainframe system can also be mounted on the wall, especially where it is convenient to service most appliances in the house.

Solar panels

Monocrystalline Silicon and Polycrystalline Silicon are available. The solar panels are matched according to how small the batteries are, but of course the larger the panel the less time it takes to charge, effectively ensuring that the batteries can be fully charged even on cloudy days.

Custom designs for modular systems

These are designed to serve you according to specific needs. For example, there is one with multiple DC, cigarette lighter for 20-360W 18V solar panels. Therefore, you are free to choose the variety you need according to your needs.

This system can charge different appliances in the room, such as cell phones, computers, refrigerators, TVs, and other appliances. It has USB ports to ensure that these services are utilized. However, this system does not come alone, it is accompanied by a bundle of other optional products. You will decide whether to choose them or not, especially if you don’t have them and it is recommended that you choose them. They include.

Rechargeable flashlight. The flashlight is rechargeable via USB. It has one 18650 battery. It has a domestic T6/5w power LED chip model with aluminum coating and a center power button that lights up green when charging and dark red when low.

Optional 16″ DC stand fan – if you don’t have a fan and it’s necessary, you might consider cooling your house in hot temperatures.

Others include;

inverter, rechargeable power radio and LED bulbs.


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