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Why Outdoor Solar Street light Are Used in Rural And Remote Areas

outdoor solar street light

Why outdoor solar street lights are used in rural and remote areas

Off-grid outdoor solar street lights are lighting up rural and remote areas, and for good reason. Integrating the latest advances in solar panels, lithium batteries and LED luminaires, there is no need for underground cables or trenching, outdoor solar street lights are quick and easy to install, require little maintenance, and most importantly do not require access to the grid – making them the perfect choice for rural and regional areas.

Outdoor LED solar street lights – easy to install, everywhere

One of the most obvious advantages of using solar streetlights in rural and remote areas is that they do not require underground cables or connection to the grid. modern solar streetlights designed in-house by PBOX are self-contained, integrated or split units that require only the sun’s energy to operate. This means that solar street lights can be installed anywhere, no matter how far away.

Minimal damage to the environment

Solar street lights do not require underground cables and do not impact the surrounding environment. In addition, solar streetlights like the PBOX design are modular. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of renewable and clean energy. Solar street lights with motion sensors are energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting products that not only beautify the rural environment and form a bright landscape, but also respond to the national call for “green lighting”. Most of the electricity used in traditional street lights comes from thermal power generation, i.e. coal burning, which brings a certain degree of pollution to the environment.

Reduces the labor time and cost of remote work

Traditional street light circuits are complex, and the circuits need frequent inspection and maintenance. As the years lengthen, the aging of the circuits is inevitable. The resulting maintenance costs are also increasing. Outdoor solar street lights, on the other hand, have no such concerns and greatly reduce labor costs at a later stage. Installations can usually be completed in 1-3 hours, which has huge economic benefits in general, especially if a project is remote and labor transportation and lodging costs need to be taken into account.

Each year more parks and trails are illuminated by PBOX’s outdoor solar street lights, which are now connected to provide local residents in homes, workplaces and educational facilities.

Lighting the future in remote communities and in every corner of the globe

Solar street lights are becoming increasingly important to remote communities because of their significant cost and environmental benefits.

However, they also mean that they can provide light to places around the globe that previously had no electrical infrastructure at all. This can bring huge benefits to entire communities, from creating safer spaces for all community members at night, to the personal level where children no longer need to learn by candlelight or kerosene lamps – arguably one of the easiest and most important ways to illuminate any community towards a safe, sustainable future.

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