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What Is Smart Solar Street Light

smart solar street light


In today’s world of continued electricity supply constraints, inefficient, high-consumption traditional urban lighting has become an important area for energy saving and consumption reduction.

Solar energy is a truly green and non-polluting source of energy. Solar photovoltaic power generation consists of solar cells, batteries, controllers and luminous bodies. It also has the advantages of cleanliness, safety and universality that cannot be matched by hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power.

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What is the smart solar streetlight

Smart solar street light parts

  • ▶ Solar Panel
  • ▶ LED lights
  • ▶ Light Pole
  • ▶ Solar Rechargeable Battery
  • ▶ Easy to install and maintain
  • ▶ Smart solar controller with built-in wireless communication
  • ▶ Motion sensor

The working principle of solar street light:

Energy from the sun is collected through solar panels. Rechargeable batteries convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it. An smart controller regulates the stored energy and communicates electronically with other devices. Remote management software (RMS) sends signals to your device to monitor the street light remotely. Provides street lighting with LED lights energized at specific times from dusk to dawn.

Smart solar street light is a street light that can be remotely and centrally controlled and managed by applying advanced, efficient, and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology. Intelligent solar street light has the functions of automatic brightness adjustment and remote lighting control according to traffic flow, active fault alarm, lamp line anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc. It can greatly save power resources and improve public lighting management. Significantly save maintenance costs.

Smart solar street lights are much more versatile than regular solar street lights. In addition to the main six components, there are accessories such as cameras and speakers. In addition to the common lighting functions, it also has the function of real-time monitoring and playing music.

What are solar powered street lights benefits

A reliable off grid solar street lighting system

Solar streetlights can serve as a reliable light source in remote areas. Solar streetlights are completely independent of the grid. Due to low maintenance and minimal operating costs, solar lighting has become a popular and reliable source of power for street lighting. This makes it feasible to transmit power to remote areas, which is not possible with current conventional systems.

Advantage of flexible installation

The installation requirements for smart solar streetlights are flexible. In addition to locations suitable for ordinary solar streetlights, forest areas such as those requiring fire protection are also good choices. Forest areas do not have high requirements for lighting, but strict inspection. Intelligent solar streetlights can play a positive role.

Smart technology of motion sensors sensors

Smart solar street lights can collect information from the outside world through various sensors. According to different situations with the controller to control the state of the street light, to achieve the purpose of intelligence and automation. It can integrate battery charging and discharging protection technology, light control technology, sound control technology, infrared detection control technology, utility bypass technology, wireless communication technology, and other high-end technologies.

Remote centralized control management

Smart solar LED street light is a modern and integrated solar street light. The remote management software initiates active monitoring of light level performance to avoid overuse of wattage and incurring greater costs. It provides a complete report on the operational status of the solar street light system. This also allows customers to monitor and control each fixture via remote access from a phone, computer, or tablet. The efficient communication technology allows for remote and centralized control and management of street lights for street lights.

What are the cotrol mode of solar light function

Solar street lights are designed to absorb energy during the day. Through photovoltaic solar cells, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. The energy is stored in solar rechargeable batteries. The off-grid system uses this energy to power the LED lighting at night. As soon as the sun rises, the solar panels start working. And the LED lights turn off automatically after sunrise.

The intelligent solar street light can automatically adjust the brightness of the street light according to road traffic conditions and lighting conditions. It ensures that the lighting brightness meets the standard of public lighting and avoids wastage at the same time. Under normal circumstances, the energy saving rate of intelligent adjustment is over 40%. It can reach 80% in some environments. Do low lighting consumption.

Intelligent solar street light can make adjustments to the brightness of different time periods according to different needs. It is possible to achieve automatic shutdown of one load all the way late at night and enter power saving mode. At the same time, it can also be set to light up all of them when someone passes by. Intelligent management of street lights can be realized to achieve the purpose of power saving.

Cost comparison

Although the functions of intelligent street lights are much more than those of ordinary solar street lights. However, its cost is not much higher than that of ordinary solar streetlights. There are two reasons for this: one is due to the light control, sound control, and other technologies used in intelligent solar street lights. Its hardware cost is insignificant compared to the solar master. It mainly relies on the design of its software. Street lights with late-night power-saving mode functions are comparable to saving time of continuous lighting. Thus, it is possible to rely on a shorter duration of light to re-select a lower-power battery and solar panel. This saves the cost of purchasing hardware;

By optimizing the design of the solar street light, it gains intelligent capability. Not only can the lighting capacity of the solar street light be improved, but also the optional power of the solar panel and the optional capacity of the battery can be reduced. Thus, the full cost of the street light is significantly reduced.

Secondly, the time of lighting the intelligent solar street light can be done through the software to achieve the exact lighting time. In order to do indeed when it is dark light up the street lights when the light is off street lights. If the ordinary solar street light is only controlled according to the time, there will be a certain deviation. The deviation will cause the waste of power resources of street lights.

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