World's First Zero Carbon City in UAE - PBOX Outdoor Solar Light Project

World’s First Zero Carbon City in UAE – PBOX Outdoor Solar Light Project

Outdoor Solar Lighting Project in UAE Abu-Dhabi

Masdar City, UAE

The world’s first zero-carbon renewable energy city being built in Abu- Dhabi envisions functioning on its own grid with full carbon neutrality. There are no light switches or water taps in the city; movement sensors control lighting and water to cut electricity and water consumption by 51 and 55 percent respectively.

In response to the project’s commitment to zero carbon, zero waste, and other environmentally friendly goals, WWF and BioRegional have endorsed Masdar City as an official One Planet Living Community.

solar light outdoor uae project

The Challenge

Owing to its zero-carbon promise, Masdar City must balance economic and technological development with the preservation of its energy and sustainability.

The authorities had three objectives

• Create substantial long-term cost and energy savings

• Illuminate parking lots and open spaces at night to create a greater sense of safety and cater

to residents’ needs and city traffic, and to improve the overall quality of life

• Preserve the natural resources and be Eco-friendly in every aspect with minimal or no maintenance

solar light outdoor uae project

The smart lighting solution from PBOX

The authorities incorporated PBOX lighting across the entire parking lot and the prioritizing roads mostly used by residents and tourists throughout the year. The lighting system offers easy-to-use online applications to analyze, plan and maintain lighting management while letting the authorities to monitor, manage and measure their connected lighting through the application

smarting solar lighting solution


“The new PBOX Solar lighting has a fully recyclable aluminum housing and all in one sleek and simple design. Modernity and technology can as you can see, go hand in hand with ecology!”

solar led street light project
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