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Focus On Leading Solar Technology

In the past 15 years, PBOX has been committed to the solar lighting technology development and pattern design of commercial LED outdoor lighting.

Equipped with PV automated production lines and dozens of advanced equipments, Therefore, we have all the capabilities to design and manufacture advanced lighting products in-house.

Our self-developed controllers and lenses have been used in mass production. In addition, thanks to our professional design and R&D team, we continue to obtain product patents every year.

Intelligent Steady State

In-house R&D innovated controller which can regulate output power intelligently and adopts to varying weather.

• Over current & Voltage​
• Over Charge & Discharge
• Over Thermal protection
• Over Loading

LiFePO4 Lithium-ion

Lithium-ion batteries that have 3 times the life cycle, 4 times the discharge ability than Acid Battery, at the same time not harmful to the environment in our sealed product. LiFePO4 Li-ion batteries need a proper battery management system to avoid the “barrel effect”. With our patented technology battery management program, enabling the lithium battery lifespan to last for over 6 years, greatly improving the ROI and at the same time helping to sustain the earth’s resources. 

Eco-friendly lithium battery
Over 2000 times cyclio charge-discharge
Over 8 years battery life span

High Effificient LED

High-effciency LED chip (CREE, OSRAM)
luminous effciency is up to 180lm/W (@25 C).

• Superior outdoor LED
• Aluminum lamp base excellent heat dissipation

High luminous efficacy
Longlife span
Low heat emission
all in one solar street light Manufacturer
Low heat emission

Bat Wing +
Spreadlight Lens

The brand new light distribution lens design delivers extraordinary lighting effects, illumination and uniformity.

Designed especially to suit various light distribution types.
Solar led Street Light technology

High Efficient
Solar Panel

With high transfer efficiency solar panel.

all in one solar street light Manufacturer
silicon solar panel
all in one solar street light Manufacturer
More than 20.4%
transfer efficiency
all in one solar street light Manufacturer
25 years life span

Smart PIR
Motion Sensor

Panasonic PIR sensor module Durable with Reliable performance, longer sensing distance

Complete Aluminum Frame Structure

The solar streetlights have to survive extreme cold and hot weather. The modular structure is extremely good at protecting the essential parts of the streetlights

all in one solar street light Manufacturer
High tensile and Light Weight
Anti- corrosion
Anti-16 typhoon
Excellent heat dissipation

Power Saving Mode

The intelligent battery control system can automatically adjust the light output power according to the battery storage capacity effectively extending the working time of the light. Ensuring the continuous working of the solar street light even during bad weather.


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