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Is there any MOQ?

We don’t have any MOQ for now.

What are the payment terms?

T/T 100% in advance for an order with total amount less than USD6000;

T/T 30% deposit against PI, balance by T/T before delivery for a order with total amount USD6000+

How many days the light can run on a single charge?

The working time of the light depends on the battery capacity, as the Battery we standard equipped can let the light work for 2-3 nights, thus, for a single charge, the light can run for 2- 3 days.

Do you have all the certifications as per the European standards?

For the European certification, PBOX has the EMC certification.

Do you also manufacture the solar panels for your street lights?

Powerband also manufactures the solar panel for the solar street light. The company has the workshop to make mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline solar panel, it also make the panel for the street light.

Tell me something about your CCTV system. Whats the power of the CCTV?

PBOX solar powered wireless camera system consists of the solar power supply system, Camera, LED lamp head and 4G Router. The power of the CCTV is 5W.

How can we wash the solar panels if there is any dust?

To wash the solar panel of the solar street light, the only way is manual cleaning.  You can use the elevator to reach the solar panel and clean by man.

What's the difference of your products, compared to others

PBOX solar street light includes X5, X5 PLUS and X5 DUAL, with All-in-one solar street light and Split type design PBOX solar street light can meet different requirements and applications, easy to install and simple to maintain.

Solar Garden light, with the excellent portability and Bluetooth speaker, it provides a special experience that other products cannot.

Solar power supply system, with the best quality and diversity function, PBOX can give a convenient and secure life to all the people.

Do you have any local distributors in Dubai?

Not yet,  but we have clients in Dubai.

What your company is into and what kind of products you have?

POWERBANK is devoted to use innovative ideas, new technologies and materials to deliver clean, eco-friendly and reliable solar products under PBOX brand to everyone. PBOX products involve All-in-one solar street light, solar garden light, solar power supply system which including solar home lighting system, portable solar charging system and wireless CCTV.

How many days it takes to ship the products from China to my place?

For the lead time:  samples: within 1-2 weeks; Orders: within 4 weeks.

The time products ship to the destination depends on the distance of the place.

Our Products are compatible with Mac, Windows and Android?

Our Products are compatible with Mac, Windows and Android?

Does it have protection from Lightning?

So long as the light pole installation follows the requirements, the product can withstand lightning as our product design meets safety testing standard.

How many days the light can work without sunlight?

The solar street light working time depends on the working mode which is customized by the customer. Generally, the battery we standard equipped to the customer can let the light work for 2-3 nights without sunlight.

What's the weight of our products and the share the pecifications info?

The whole product weight ranges from

X5 All-in-one: 21 to 34 KG;

X5 Split type: 26 to 43 KG;

X5 Dual: 73 to 86 KG;

X3 and X3S: 4.5 to 5.2 KG;

P5 & P5S: 4.7 to 7 KG.

How much is the maximum Watt of LED that you have?

For PBOX X5 All-in-one and Split type solar street light, the maximum Watt of LED is 60W. For X5 Dual, it is 100W.

What kind of battery we use? Does the battery withstand harsh hot weather?

The battery we use is LiFePO4 lithium ion battery, with a higher security, longer lifespan, larger battery capacity, light weight, eco-friendly and high temperature performance of the lithium battery, it is much more superior than any other batteries and it can withstand any harsh weather temperature range from -40℃ to 60℃.

What would be the average price of the product?

It depends on the customized product specification and the project situation. PBOX solar panel, led light, battery and other functions can be customized by the client, with different specification of the accessory, the price is unstable.

What’s the warranty for the products?

At least 3 Years Product warranty for all the products.

Where is this company based of?

POWERBAND Green Energy Ltd. (PBOX) is an innovative solar lighting enterprise with experts to seek inspirational new ways to light our world. The headquarters of PBOX is located in Zhuhai, China.


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