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Solar Street Light With Motion Sensor — How To Choose?

solar lights with motion sensor

The intelligent PIR motion sensor module design of solar streetlights solves this problem well.

With the development of solar-led street light technology, solar light manufacturers have invented new ways to reduce the power demand in some areas where lights don’t need to stay on all night. It helps to reduce light pollution and save energy. Time control and motion sensors are essential ways to help set to minimum power. PIR sensors are mostly used.

What Is PIR Motion Sensor?

A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. It is an automatic control product based on infrared technology. When a person enters the sensing range, the special sensor detects changes in the infrared spectrum. It automatically changes to the customized working mode. Turn to the energy-saving mode when sensing no person. Works entirely by detecting infrared radiation.

Outdoor lighting has different application scenarios that require output light sources. The program of solar lights can be adjusted according to different needs. Some areas are not always passed by people, but the traditional street light have been inflexible, cost-effective, and consume lots of power.

How Does Dose PIR Motion Sensor Work?

It absorbs sunlight to store energy during the day and releases power for lighting at night under the regulation of the sensor mode. Automatically adjust the high light level when someone passes by, and keep the low light level during the other time. At night, motion sensors will work to control the lights. It will start working automatically. PBOX self-developed controllers and lenses have been used in mass production.

The great advantage of solar panel lights with motion sensors is that they can reach strong illumination and save energy. It is no need to take care of it often or worry about power outages and loss of lighting. Sensing whether there are pedestrians around the lamp, the working status will be adjusted by controllers, which can achieve the effect of energy saving.

1. The sensing distance of the sensor head is about 5 to 8 meters;
2. The working temperature of the induction head is below the 95-degree heat. the high temperature will affect the induction effect of the induction head;

solar lights with motion sensor

How Many Types Of Sensors And Its Advantages?

Infrared induction

Using the principle of pyroelectric infrared induction, the sensor action is triggered by collecting infrared energy changes, which is affected by the ambient temperature.
Advantages: affordable, durable, more beautiful
Disadvantages: It is greatly affected by the ambient temperature.

Doppler microwave induction

Common frequency bands 5.8G, 10GHZ, and 24GHZ. Using the Doppler principle. When a moving object enters the sensing range, the radar signal waveform will be changed. This triggers the activation of the radar sensor.
Advantages: It only senses people who are in motion, and can penetrate the plastic hidden installation.
Disadvantages: Can’t sense people in a static state. The picture below is the 24GHZ Doppler module;

PCR radar sensor induction

Working frequency band 61GHZ. The principle is high-precision micro-motion detection, which can then detect human breathing signals.
Advantages: It can penetrate the plastic casing and detect the moving human body. At the same time, stationary people can be seen. Technologically advanced somatosensory detection technology.


What’s the best choice? It should be differently analyzed for the latter. With its own advantages and disadvantages, and applicable directions, it varies by customer’s lighting solutions when purchasing. Most choose lamp solar with PIR motion sensors for more economical and practical usage.

PBOX solar streetlight with Panasonic PIR motion sensors and Philips LED lamp beads. Cooperates with the control device of working mode which is designed according to the actual situation for special requirements. It benefits us with powerful green energy-saving and sustainable products.

Has any questions, please make enquire, and we’ll offer professional advice within 24 hours.

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