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Solar Street Light Project in Birya Forest,Isreal

Solar Street Light Project

Project overview:

These solar-powered street lights illuminate the path for those who visit the cemetery to pay their respects. The tomb in the forest is a sacred place. In order to avoid damaging the land and the road, the construction was made easy.

This is a strict requirement for the products. The newly upgraded solar lighting system is essential for the lighting of remote areas.

Location :

the tomb of Rabbi Yonatan Ben-Uziel, in the scenic Birya Forest, Israel


The integrated solar street light

Lighting Solutions:

The traditional street light may have hidden safety hazards due to, material aging, construction quality, and power supply disorder. In contrast, solar-led street lights do not use alternate currents and hence do not have hidden safety hazards. These solar LED equipment have the ability to generate electricity for twenty-five years or even longer.

Solar Street Light Project
Solar Street Light Project

Bottom line:

All in one solar street is a durable and safe option. Bifacial solar module, more energy generation. Mono-crystalline solar panel, Up to 22% conversion efficiency. unique designed double-sided PV module and tempered glass on the panel, which minimizes the risk of degradation of the panel, enabling long-term use.
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All in one solar street light

Solar Pathway Lights - X5

Alumium design, LeFO Lithium-ion Battery,
High Effeciciency solar panel and smart Controller

All in one solar street light

Solar Landscape Lights - X4

Alumium structure, LeFO lithium-ion battery,
Double size solar panel and unique design

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