Solar Street Lights in Australia – John Whitton Bridge Project | PBOX

Solar Street Lights in Australia – John Whitton Bridge Project

Solar Street Lights Project in Australia, JOHN WHITTON BRIDGE

Client: NEW South Wales Government, Australia


Product Used:  PBOX X5 Solar Engine


Solar Lighting Proejct Overview

PBOX has been privileged to work with NEW South Wales Government to implement a solar-powered lighting system that has illuminated the $3.9 million newly upgraded John Whitton Bridge and additional pathway.  The complete pathway will be in full compliance with Australian Lighting Standards.


The new upgraded lighting system was essential for the Sydney commuters as the bridge and pathway usage is increasing every day therefore the full P2 category is essential for vision and safety.

solar home lighting system

Lighting Solutions

Powered by PBOX reliable solar engine, and partnering with the most widely used GE LED street light, and the most experienced Smart City lighting control companies ‘Dimonoff’.  Our solar lighting solution provides stable and continual operation, and the Lite-node board makes it perfect to remote monitor and control the performance.

solar home lighting system


“We’re satisfied with the whole lighting performance and very glad we’re using the green solar energy now to light up one of our historic bridge! And sure we will consider to include the system with intentions of further expansion in the near future.

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    All in one solar street light

    Solar Pathway Lights - X5

    Alumium design, LeFO Lithium-ion Battery,
    High Effeciciency solar panel and smart Controller

    All in one solar street light

    Solar Landscape Lights - X4

    Alumium structure, LeFO lithium-ion battery,
    Double size solar panel and unique design

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