Solar Street Light In Hong Kong - Kai Tak Runway Park | PBOX

Solar Street Light In Hong Kong – Kai Tak Runway Park

solar street light in Hong Kong

solar street light in Hong Kong


Location: Hong Kong, China | Asia

Product: 90W Solar Street light -X5

Kai Tak Runway Park, Hong Kong, China installed X5 series 90W all in two solar street lights in the park runway area.

Project Overview

Most of us love exercising or relaxing after work, which makes Kai Tak Runway Park so popular. Such activity place requires luminous lighting conditions at night, to improve safety and comfort. So our solar street light in Hong Kong project are using X5 series.

For citizens to enjoy better when jogging along the runway or playing with children on the lawn. It become the first choice to serve in the park to install environment-friendly solar street light in Hong Kong.


The X5 series PBOX product is the most stable product, with an all-in-two easy installation design. Protect the park environment as a real energy efficiency product, it also looks nice. It’s well received by the park visitors.


The X5 series PBOX brought the brightness and a sense of security in park. Citizens are pleased with the project, and glad with solar energy lights.

solar street light in Hong Kong

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