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Solar street light in Chile - Bahía Inglesa Beach Coast


Location: Bahía Inglesa Beach Coast – Chile

Product: 50W Solar Street light -X5

Project Overview

Chile has unique terrain with a long and narrow coastline. It become a part of residents’ life to play by the sea. It required public lighting along the way in particular luminous. Solar street light in Chile not only to provide security, but also need to withstand the test of the seaside climate.

Our Solution

PBOX offered the well-designed off-grid lighting solution for this project, solar street light in Chile. Resistant to level 16 typhoon and reach to the degree of IP65.  It can withstand extreme weather without compromising the aesthetics or technology of the lighting product.

PBOX and the local Pbox in chile jointly complete the government project – Playa Bahía Inglesa coastline renovation, successfully installed PBOX X5 smart solar LED lights in the complex environment of the sea, providing off grid lighting for the local seaside leisure area.

Solar Street Light Project In Chile

Bottom Line

Clean energy lighting is one of the most beneficial improvements for coastal cities. Solar lights do not require complicated installation and wiring to illuminate the seaside. Off-grid solar systems do a great job of providing environmental protection. Each individual components made the robust lighting system. Aluminum Frame Structure, with shaped structure section is similar to that of the railway track section. Increased the strength and structural stability.
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