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Solar Security Light Solution with CCTV

solar security light

PBOX Solar Security Lighting Solution

Pbox solor security light solution Is an advanced all in one package which acts as both as your street light as well as your street security. The solar security light system with CCTV is designed to survive extreme cold and hot weather. The modular structure is extremely good at protecting the essential parts of the whole system.

It’s our sturdier and stylish solar powered wireless CCTV system ever. It reaches IP65 protection grade, effectively isolating humidity, dust and heat invasion, making it easy to overcome the challenges of harsh outdoor environments.


  • ▶ HD network camera ranging from 2.8mm to 8mm with up-to 4Mn pixels
  • ▶ CREE LED aluminum lamp base creates a first-class light source
  • ▶ Industrial level 4G router for steady wireless connection
  • ▶ Easy to install and maintain
  • ▶ Long-lifespan LiFePO4 Lithium-ion battery
  • ▶ Dustproof and waterproof certified
  • ▶ Intelligent Control Unit

4G Router Modular

As an essential part of the solar power security lighting system, the 4G Router module is a type of device that offers mobile long distance data transfer feature by public GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/ EVDO/LTE network for users. It utilizes high-performance industrial 32-bits CPU and also an industrial cellular module, ingrained real-time operating system for software application assistance system, at the same time supports Rs232 (or RS485/RS422) and also Ethernet port, that can conveniently attach serial devices and Ethernet tools, permitting to accomplish information transparent transmission and also transmitting functions.

It has been widely utilized in M2M areas. Such as a solar power security system, smart grid, smart transportation, intellegent home lighting system, solar desking lighting solution, commercial automation, smart building, digital medical, telemetry, military, room exploration, farming, forestry, water system, and more.

solar security light

HD Video Camera

With lens vary from 2.8 mm to 8mm optional (Different lens for cameras from one type to another). 2 Mega Pixels, 3 Mega Pixels and also 4 Mega Pixels optional for high photo definitions. Or you can choose a compatible Network camera with similar configuration and parameters. With the H265 coding function, this security camera makes the storage area for imaging under the very same parameters reduced by 1/3 to 1/2, therefore it can save much more video information as recorded in a longer time.

Brand Led With Lightweight Aluminum Lamp Base

Creates an excellent source of light Single lumen up to 180lm/W, with the aluminum lamp base as well as the sealed lens, with its exceptional warmth dissipation, it is as if the LED chip has been positioned in a covered system. Thus it preserves high brightness levels with very little fading. The sealed lenses are made of solid UV safeguarded PC as well as are maturing and shock-resistant.

About PBOX

Solar security light solutions require high hardware and software skills from the developer, such as system integration, communication module development, software platform, etc. As a leading company in the solar street lighting industry and with rich experience in manufacturing, PBOX can provide effective solar lighting solutions for Our customers, while customizing the one stop solar lighting system according to the application and requirements of our customers.

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