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Solar Powered LED Street Light Troubleshooting

solar powered led street light trubleshooting

1. Solar Powered Street light not light up at night

In most cases, solar lights do not work because of a faulty battery. Such as a low charge or a battery quality problem. If the battery is confirmed to work properly, then you can check whether it is caused by the solar panel. Also we do not rule out that it is caused by a fault in the solar controller.


  • 1. Check if the light can be activated manually.
  • 2. Check if there are water and rust stains on the components of the controller.
  • 3. check whether the solar panel is blocked by houses, trees and other obstacles from the sunlight.
  • 4. Check if there is any artificial light source shining on the solar panel at night.
  • 5. Use a multimeter to check if the voltage on the battery, solar panel and controller is normal and troubleshoot the problem.


2. Seriously insufficient working hours at night

After using solar powered LED street lights for a period of time, even if there is enough sunlight during the day, you may encounter a short lighting time of the street light, and it cannot be illuminated normally on rainy days. The cause of this situation is likely to be a problem with the battery, the power storage capacity decreases, resulting in insufficient power storage, so it is necessary to replace the street lamp with a new battery with the same parameters.


  • 1. Check whether the solar panel is blocked by houses, trees and other obstacles to the sunlight.
  • 2. Check if the surface of the solar panel is dusty or covered.
    Follow the instructions in the maintenance guide to check if the battery pack is damaged.


3. Abnormal motion sensor

Motion sensor light is a fantastic feature for solar powered street lamps. Energy can be saved as a result.

However, there are times when the motion sensor light does not work as smoothly as we would like it to. However, when problems do occur, it is not difficult to determine what is wrong with them. In fact, later in the article, we’ll give you the four most important steps that may solve all your troubles.


  • 1. Check that the air temperature is close to body temperature.
  • 2. Check that the mounting height is not too high.
  • 3.  Check if the motion sensor or controller is damaged.


4. LED light source flickering

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. In addition to the light source itself, in most cases is caused by the driver power supply.


1. you can replace the light source with a new one. If this problem still exists after replacement, then there may be a problem with the cable or other aspects, you need to check whether the cable interface is in good contact.

2. If there is no problem with the line, and the light source is still flickering, check the driver or controller of the light source
At the same time check the battery of the solar system, because if the battery is in a state of power loss, insufficient power storage, the light source will flicker. At this time, the battery should be replaced in time.

5. Part of the LED beads of the solar powered street light is working


  • 1. Check If the light source is made of fake solder, it is easy to cause this situation. Therefore, the corresponding lamp beads must be replaced and then soldered firmly to solve the problem.
  • 2. If the inspection finds that all the light sources are welded, but some of the light beads are not working, then it is likely that the quality of the light source is faulty and the whole street light head needs to be replaced.


6. The solar panel is not charging the battery.

Suppose you bought a solar panel and connected it to your battery to charge it. But when you come back, you see that the solar panel hasn’t done anything. Sound relevant? Your battery not charging properly is a common problem. The reasons vary, but the solution is simple.

If your solar panel is not charging your battery properly, the possible culprits are mainly. Wrong solar panel settings, equipment problems, internal problems with the battery or faulty batteries, solar charge controller problems. The easiest way to fix these problems is to replace the faulty device.


  • 1. Check that the cable settings are well connected throughout the system.
  • 2. Check the system with a multimeter. This can be used to measure the voltage of your panels. Be sure to do this with your solar panel in the sun.
  • 3. Check the voltage of the battery with a multimeter or replace it with a new or other battery to see if there is a problem with the battery.
  • 4. Check the solar street light controller to see if there are any faults or damage on the controller board.
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