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Solar Power Parking Lot Light: Benefits and Guide

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Why Using Solar Power Parking Lot Light

With the development of economy, the car has become a common ways of transportation for people. Urban parking lots enable cars in cities to run normally and smoothly, and parking lots are developing into an essential component of a city. Parking lots are places where vehicles are parked centrally in cities. And with the current population boom in cities, motor vehicle ownership is rising rapidly. Shopping by car has become a fad for people with cars. For every sports facility, train station, park, commericial shopping center or countless other public places, there is always a connected parking lot. It goes without saying that all of these spaces require adequate lighting to ensure visibility and safety. However, parking lot lighting energy consumption is a major component of the overall underground parking operation cost, and how to effectively solve this problem has become a popular issue in today’s parking lots.

The use of solar power parking lot light solutions is certainly one of the most cost-effective options available today. With a concrete-free foundation system, a quarter of the installation time required to install grid-powered lighting fxiture, and no ongoing electricity bills.

solar parking lot light in Canada

solar power parking lot lighting System analysis and requirements

1. Entrance and Exit

The entrance and exit of the parking lot need to check the documents, charges, identify the driver’s face, to facilitate communication between staff and drivers; railings, facilities on both sides of the entrance and exit, as well as the ground must provide the corresponding lighting to ensure the safety of the driver’s driving, therefore, the lighting here should be properly strengthened and provide targeted lighting for these operations.

2. Signs, Markings​

The signs in the car park need to be illuminated in order to be seen, so the lighting fixture should be designed to take into account the lighting of the signs. Then is the ground markings, set lighting should ensure that all the markings can be clearly displayed.

3. Car Body, Parking space

The illumination requirements at the parking space should ensure that the ground markings, ground car locks and isolation rails are clearly shown to ensure that drivers do not hit ground obstacles due to insufficient illumination when they drive into the parking space. After the vehicle parking position, the body should be displayed through appropriate lighting to facilitate the identification of other drivers and the entry and exit of vehicles.​

4. Pedestrian Route

Pedestrians pick up or get off the car, there will be a section of walking road, this section of the road should be considered according to the ordinary pedestrian road its lighting, provide suitable ground lighting and vertical surface lighting. This car park pedestrian route and the carriageway have mixed use, according to the carriageway standard consideration.

​5. Environmental Interference ​

For security reasons and orientation needs, the environment of the parking lot should have a certain amount of lighting. After all, vehicles or parking lots are not aesthetic ornaments in the public environment, and they may destroy the harmony of the environment. The above problems can be improved through the arrangement of lighting fixtures, and an array can be formed around the parking lot by setting continuous light poles, which can play the role of a sight barrier and make the parking lot achieve an isolation effect inside and outside.

Lighting quality requirements

For parking lot lighting in addition to the basic illumination requirements, such as the uniformity of illumination; light source color rendering, color temperature requirements; glare is also an important indicator to measure the quality of lighting fixture. High quality site lighting can create a relaxed and good visual environment for drivers and pedestrians.

solar parking lot light

Lighting Design and Light Source

Lighting Design​

Reasonable lighting design is very important to improve the uniformity of illumination, three-dimensional sense, reduce glare and meet the lighting requirements. The lighting effect of the parking lot is very different with different lighting methods. At present, many parking lots use high pole light or semi-high pole light lighting, with few lamps, the more prominent problem of such parking lots is that the uniformity of lighting in the whole parking lot is poor. When there are more vehicles parked, it will form a shading shadow and aggravate its unevenness. In contrast to this is the use of ordinary solar street lamp poles, lighting fixtures arranged in more points (relative to the former). Investigation found that such a way of laying lights through a reasonable distribution of lights and targeted consideration of the choice of lamps, in achieving the same illumination as the former, the latter’s illumination uniformity is significantly better, so the site is more convenient to use.

Therefore, combined with the above analysis and the layout characteristics of this parking lot, the parking lot design uses a low height single-headed street lamp, half cut-off type lamps, arranged in columns at the boundary of the site, the lamps are arranged in more points, improving the uniformity of illumination, while reducing the parking lot on the surrounding roads and buildings caused by light interference

Lighting Source Selection​

LED lights are commonly used options, LED is a solid-state light source, with a small size, fast response, can be modular combination, power size can be adjusted at will, DC power supply drive characteristics, for the manufacture of lamps and lanterns to bring great convenience. And in recent years in the government’s support and promotion of the development of the speed is very fast, the price of light sources to reduce faster, to create good conditions for LED applications. And taking into account the requirements of safety, security, feature recognition, checking documents, environmental ambience, etc. .

Lighting control method

Lighting control is generally set up in two control modes, light control and time control, and also set up manual control switches to adapt to different operating requirements. In the light control mode, the lights are turned off when the natural illumination level reaches a certain illumination level and turned on when the natural illumination level drops to a certain illumination level. In time-control mode, the clock controller is used to control the lights, and the switching time is reasonably determined according to the geographical location and seasonal changes.

Illumination calculation value

Using DIALux illuminance software to simulate and calculate the illuminance of the above design elements, the results are shown in Figure  (in Lux)

solar parking lot lighting calculation

The benefits of solar power park Lot lighting system

  1. Cost-effective Service for energy saving: the solar car park illumination supplies significant economic savings, without any in-ground cabling or expensive work staffs needed for installment.
  2. Enhanced Neighborhood Comfort: Solar parking lot lights develops a much safer, a lot more inviting atmosphere, raising the feasible use times of a parking lot.
  3. Enhanced Security and Contentment: solar car park lot lighting solution enables you to create well-lit, much more inviting car parks that can open up for prolonged hours, raising community fulfillment as well as security. It additionally comes furnished with high-powered, adjustable light setups for low-use times, supplying you considerable energy cost financial savings.
  4. Long service life of solar street light: the service life of solar panel is 25 years; the average service life of super bright LED is more than 50,000 hours; the service life of solar battery is 5-12 years, and it can be recharged more than 2,000 times.


Solar power parking lights can also be easily adapted to remote areas, remote rural or desert areas, etc. If utility street lights are installed in these areas, I’m sure the advantages and disadvantages can be imagined compared to solar systems that require no wiring. These lights can be installed with adjustable height and also with anti-theft security design, which can provide a comfortable lighting environment for various people at night or in the morning. They can also automatically adjust the brightness of the lighting to provide security visibility.

Most LED solar luminaires are designed without light pollution such as PBOX’s X4/X5 series Comply with ISO14001 international production standard. They can also be equipped with cut-off semi-cut-off lenses to meet different needs. This helps with dark sky regulations and helps avoid wasting energy lighting up the sky. This is also ideal for residential homes as no light enters the windows at night and no light spills out and does not disturb people in nearby homes.

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