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Solar Pathway and Landscape Light

Solar Pathway And Landscape Light Keep The Ourdoor Road Safe​

Solar pathway and landscape Light use solar power as the electrical energy supply to provide night road lighting. Designed with high luminous efficiency lighting source, light control plus time control. Together with the advantages of high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable work, no laying of cables, no consumption of conventional energy, long service life, etc.. Belonging to today’s society strongly advocate the use of green energy products. Today, roads or path are an essential configuration for communities, where people walk and relax at night. Not only do they encourage more walking and biking, but they improve alternative travel paths and play an incremental role in supporting the health and harmony of communities.

But imagine if these path way assets could be used by more people for longer periods of time throughout the day, creating a safer, more active community simply by bringing daylight into the night.

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solar pathway lighting

How Do Solar Pathway Lights Work?​

Solar street lights are a technically off-grid lighting solutions that can be dimmed down to 25% power in the absence of activity. This provides an adequate and comfortable light environment for safety and provides enough low light in the pathway rather than isolating the home in the dark.

The solar pathway light mainly consists of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, high-efficiency lithium-ion batteries, and high-brightness LED light source and intelligent control system (such as PBOX’s X4 series)

When any significant activity is detected – whether it’s a vehicle or a pedestrian entering the street – the unit switches to 100% output, providing enough light to identify hazards in the path way and enough light to deter unwanted activity.

When no activity is detected, the device quickly dims, ensuring that the path way is not left lit all night with unwanted light. This results in energy savings and ensures that residents are not exposed to any unwanted light at night. Compliant with Dark Sky provisions.

Solar pathway lighting system application

Landscape lighting

Applied to squares, parks, green spaces and other places, using various shapes of low-power LED point light source, best lighting source, but also cold cathode modeling lights to beautify the environment. Solar landscape lights can get a better landscape lighting effect without destroying the green space.

Pathway Lighting​

Applied to different kind of pathway or walkway of residential, park, village and rural area, is currently one of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices. The light source used has a small power mainly using a high-power LED light source. Due to the limitations of its overall power.

Garden Lighting​

Applied to garden of commercial and residential communities, parks, tourist attractions, squares and other lighting and decoration. Can also be changed to the above utility lighting system according to user needs caused by solar lighting system

solar walkway landscape lighting

Benefits of Solar pathway lights


Choosing solar streetlights offers tremendous economic advantages because installing our smart and intuitive lighting solutions does not require above-ground wiring or expensive construction crews. The vast majority of common public lighting projects are now complicated to operate. Before installation of the luminaire, the foundation must be controlled, cable trenches excavated, concealed pipes laid and wired, and after installation, the luminaire is commissioned and the cable trenches backfilled, generally with long lines and high costs. If the installation lot of the road has been repaired, sometimes it will damage the road and path affecting traffic. If you need to cross the lake, ditch, hillside, the operation is more difficult, more labor and material resources. In contrast, each solar luminaire is an independent system. And the installation is easy as the foundation is made according to the luminaire, without the need to erect wires and dig trenches.


The vast majority of ordinary public lighting projects use 220V AC power, and most of the light poles are made of metal. If there are problems such as broken wires and leaking connection parts, it will have a certain impact on the life and personal safety of the residents. While the voltage of solar lighting fixtures is all lower than 36V power by batteries, so even if there is leakage, it will not cause damage to the human body and is very safe. Solar pathway lighting helps ensure a higher level of community safety. The improved lighting creates an environment and welcoming space that increases activity while reducing crime rates.

Energy Saving Solution ​

The solar pathway and landscape light is an off-grid solution with no electricity costs. It saves its own electricity by turning down the brightness to 30% when there are no people around.

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All in one solar street light

Solar Pathway Lights - X5

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All in one solar street light

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