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Solar Energy Lighting Application In Indonesia Senior High School

solar led street light project



SMA UNGGUL DEL is a private high school located in Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra. The school was founded in 2012 by the Del Foundation. The majority of students come from around Lake Toba and other surrounding areas

solar led street light project


Recently, DEL senior high school was extending their school area. Being one of the top high schools in North Sumatra, DEL senior high school was determined to take on the leading role in environmental protection and set an example for other schools in the area. They were looking for a lighting system that would not only lower the maintenance cost but would also be environmentally friendly. Because the classrooms, laboratories, and numerous teaching facilities consume large electric power, the administrators were in the need of energy-saving and clean energy lighting system to illuminate the school’s new pathway. In order to lower the pressure of electric supply, carbon footprint and give a sufficient lighting to the pathway, DEL senior high school administrators decided to use Pbox’s solar lighting systems

solar led street light project


PBOX Solar Power Street Light uses renewable and clean energy, is highly reliable, is simple to install, requires minimum maintenance, and has high luminous efficiency. All this feature were highly appreciated by the school administrators. In line with the objectives of low long-term maintenance cost, energy-saving, and eco-friendly, the school administrators decided to cooperate with PBOX, using the solar street lights to illuminate the school new pathway

solar led street light project


PBOX X5 Split type solar street light, is a type of lighting system where the solar panel and the light head are adjustable according to the local solar radiation intensity and light direction, providing flexible solutions for the complex lighting requirements. The smart controller can adjust the light power to the dim mode to save the energy when the PIR motion sensor detects no people or cars nearby. In addition, equipped with the Long lifespan lithium-ion battery, and Cree superior LED, X5 can bring the reliable quality, minimum maintenance cost and bright light to the school pathway. According to the school conditions, PBOX recommended the X5 split type 30 Watts LED street light to be used along the school new pathway. Thanks to X5s simple installation, dozens of X5 Split type were installed along the school pathways swiftly and working well

solar led street light project

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