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Solar Billboard Light

Solar Billboard Lighting Solution

The general billboard (sign) is installed in a relatively remote location or used independently, and the relevant departments have strict regulations on the safe production of electricity for billboards, which do not allow the use of electricity at will.

The billboard cannot be lit up normally at night in area of no utility power available. Therefore, lighting up billboards at night is an urgent need for advertising media companies.

The outdoor billboard solar power supply system can generate and store electricity in the lithium-ion batteries during the day as long as there is sunlight, and automatically discharge to the LED lighting fixture at night. So there is no remote power transmission problem and no electricity expenses.

solar billboard lighting

Why Using Solar Billboard light

Clean Energy:
Solar photovoltaic power generation is the current worldwide energy revolution, green and renewable, and is the image of high-tech. It can improve the external image of the billboard, which is a bright scenery even at night, thus enhancing the brand effect of the advertiser.

There is no restriction on the installation site:
Each solar billboard lighting system is equipped with an independent solar component, while single column billboards are mostly installed on both sides of the highway, with large distribution spacing, and do not have the conditions to install utility power supply in some cases. No light source irradiation at night, means unable to achieve the expected advertising and publicity effect. By installing solar power supply system, the problem of no light source at night can be fully solved.

Visual revolution:
Generally installed on both sides of the highway, the oversized single column billboard is illuminated by solar power lights at night, which breaks the monotonous atmosphere of the road environment and has a very strong visual impact, making it easy for motorists and car riders to accept.

Long service life:
solar panel with more than 25 years of life, LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery with over2000 times cyclic charge-discharge. LED lighting chip is using the brand like Cree, Osram , Philip and other brands of chips, high brightness, long service life

Off-grid, easy to use:
no complicated wiring, easy to install, save construction costs, free from public relations of the power sector, easy to use and flexible, safe to use, electric shock and fire from now on, long life, easy maintenance, automatic control of the switch.

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solar sign light

Solar sign Light Kits - X5 Series

Alumium design, LeFO Lithium-ion Battery,
High Effeciciency solar panel and smart Controller

Solar Billboard Light Kits- X4 Series

Alumium structure, LeFO lithium-ion battery,
Double size solar panel and unique design

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