How To Save Money In 5 Aspects By Choosing Solar Street Light

How To Save Money In 5 Aspects By Choosing Solar Street Light

5 Aspects By Choosing Solar Street Light

How To Save Money In 5 Aspects By Choosing Solar Street Light

A penny saved is a penny earned! Solar lamp light has been more popular these days. How to save money by choosing solar-led street lights? There are 5 essential parts of the reason. As a 15-year-old manufacturer of solar streetlights, PBOX has application experience throughout the world. Must have the confidence to provide the ideal lighting solution for every project.

1. The cheapest renewable solar energy.

2. Long life span.

3. Less effort on installation, all-in-one technique.

4. Less maintenance.

5. Customized power-saving choice of motion-sensor

How much does it cost of solar energy?

As we can imagine by the name, solar light outdoor is the solar-powered street lamps, using solar panels to capture the energy from the sun and turn sunlight into alternative energy. This energy is stored in batteries, which power the lights at night.

Safe and reliable with no danger of depletion; no worries about running out of light during a power outage. The independent energy storage system reduces the dependence on the grid so that it can work normally without restrictions and influences.

It is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, and can generate electricity and power locally without consuming fuel and erecting transmission lines;

As the world’s leading renewable energy source, solar energy is environmentally friendly. Because sunlight is everywhere in the world, it’s free. Therefore, solar panel street light is excellent in saving energy cost.

How long is the life span?

  • Considering the long-term benefits, the price of solar-led street lights is far less than their value.
  • In solar streetlights, as an important part of the energy supply system, solar panels are elaborately designed to provide lighting continuously without any intervention. Solar energy lights are powered by sunlight.
  • Now commonly used solar panels are tempered glass press-sealed, which can work for more than 10 years. By then, the efficiency of converting energy is still around 90%.
  • We use lithium iron phosphate batteries, it is environmentally friendly without heavy metals, and longer service life, of up to 6 years. Including PhilipsCREE big brand LED lamp beads. A high-quality guarantee can be used normally for 11 years.
  • Powered by a built-in system, these lights will illuminate streets and other public spaces without relying on the grid and without harming your environment. So it makes perfect your choice to consider solar streetlights on a budget.
solar street light

How to save effort in installation?

Pbox provides all-in-one solar street lights. The installation process of solar streetlights is simple. No wiring or electrical work is required to install solar lamp lights. With integrated batteries, these lights are easy to install.

The all-in-one solar street light contains the originally scattered components (light poles, panels, batteries, controllers, LED lamps). All the components except the light pole are integrated into one body to make a lamp head. This lamp head is an independent intelligent power generation and discharge system.

The installation method is like a “fool-style installation”. As long as the screws can be done, it can be installed, without the traditional complicated steps. Less effort on installation greatly saves labor costs and work-out time.

All parts (panel, lithium battery, controller, and LED lights) are integrated in the accessories. All we need is to assemble. Attach fixtures to poles or flat surfaces. Compared to the traditional power supply lights, digging the power grid will increase the installation cost. Off-grid solar road lights are more convenient of affordable. Less effort on installation, save a lot of time and labor costs.

How about Maintenance?

Solar street lights require less maintenance. Depends on different country conditions to clean the dust on the light panel. They use photocells, which greatly reduce maintenance requirements. During the day, the controller keeps the lights off. When the panel does not generate any charge during dark hours, the controller turns the light on. So the battery has great durability. And rainwater will clean the solar panels.

All aluminum frame structure design, precision assembly, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. Waterproof solar panel assembly, battery pack, and connector to ensure IP66 waterproof solar system. The shape of the solar panel also makes less maintenance.

How to make customized working mode?

The main function of the controller is to modulate and protect the charging and discharging voltage and current. At night, motion sensors will work to control the lights. It will start working automatically. PBOX self-developed controllers and lenses have been used in mass production. In addition, thanks to our professional design and R&D team, we continue to obtain product patents every year.

With the presence of pedestrians around the induction lamps, the Controller adjusted according to the induction status lamp working conditions, and an energy-saving effect can be achieved. PBOX solar street light is striving to create innovative solar solutions for residential as well as commercial segments. Sensing pedestrians to control the lighting reduces power and saves a lot of energy costs.

Solar panel lights have different application scenarios that require output light sources. The program of solar street lights can be adjusted according to different needs.


All in all, the upfront costs of solar street lights may be higher. However, once the installation is complete, the fee is reduced. Solar energy is considered the cheapest energy source. The all-in-one design requires less effort on installation and maintenance, and saves a lot of time on labor costs and energy costs. And flexible motion sensor reduces power and saves more energy.

In the long-term benefits, the price is far less than its value in choosing PBOX all-in-one solar street light.w

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