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      With Pbox, you can get the right solution and products to win the solar project incredibly fast and professionally.

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      15 years in the solar street lighting industrial make our product quality the world class.


      3000+ local Projects done over the world, the competence of various kinds of bidding.

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      Ready Material in store, Stable in price and fast delivery period.

      Commercial and residential solar lighting system

      A pioneer in solar lighting and renewable energy

      We know that it is never easy to finish a solar project, in Pbox you can get the solution and product advice from experts in the solar industry over 15 years at you serve free and find the best solution to win your project for your company.

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      All in one solar street lighting project

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      Feature Products

      PBox X4-X4S Series

      X4 Series Flameless Double PanelSolar Street Light

      PBox X5 Series

      X4 Series Flameless Double PanelSolar Street Light

      Commercial solar street light features

      Hight Brightness

      Using CREE or OSRAM brand LED chips, to ensure super bright lighting effect. Reach up to uper high 170lm/W – 180lm/W LED luminous efficacy, 30% higher lumens than most similar products on the market. Self-developing bat wing spreadlight transparency lens and Aluminum lam base with excellent heat dissipation, long service life. 70*140 degree angle light, height mounting can be suitable for 3-10 meters, Type II, Type III Light Distribution can be selected. Can match different project requirements. View More

      Solar Storage System

      Compared to the cycle life of lead-acid batteries in about 500 times, , while lithium iron phosphate power batteries, cycle life of more than 2000 times, the same quality of lead-acid batteries used for a maximum of 1-2 years, while lithium iron phosphate batteries used under the same conditions, the theoretical life will reach more than 8 years.

      Equipped with self-developed original innovative smart controller, with overall protection (over current, over voltage, over charge, over discharge, thermal protection, over load), can regulate output power intelligentla and adopts to varying weathers.

      Commercial solar street light battery 03Solar Power System

      Monocrystalline silicon solar panels have high cell conversion efficiency, which can now reach over 21%, good stability, high cost, and excellent low light response performance. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels have a long service life and can generally reach more than 25 years.

      The surface of the solar panel array is encapsulated with highly translucent tempered glass, which is airtight, weatherproof and corrosion resistant.

      The junction box of ABS plastic is sealed and waterproof with high reliability and multi-functional, with good anti-aging, waterproof and moisture-proof performance; the connection end adopts easy-to-operate special male and female plugs, which is safe, convenient and reliable.

      Structure Design

      All aluminum frame structure design, precision assembly, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. Waterproof solar panel assembly, battery pack, and connector to ensure IP66 waterproof solar system.

      Resistant to 16 typhoons and excellent heat dissipation, suitable for installation in seaside areas and deserts. Use full anti-theft screws to ensure the safe use of the luminaire.

      This is What We do

      Applications for commercial solar LED lighting solutions are our specialty.

      Solar Parking Lot Light

      Provide visibility and security for outdoor parking lot.

      Solar Street Light

      Improving street and road safety with solar street light systems.

      Solar Pathway Light

      Light up paths, sidewalks and remote trails with off-grid solar systems.

      Solar Landscape Light

      Providing landscape lighting in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

      Solar Highway Light

      Improving safety and standard lighting solution for highway illuminated.

      Solar Security Light

      Configurable CCTV solar LED lighting system to ensure the safety of remote areas etc.

      As the world-leading solar street light manufacturer, we supplier not only solar lighting products but the customized solutions for our customers to win the project together 

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      We take great pride in all that we do, and the successful installation of thousands of solutions and our experience with extensive production allows us to ensure that our customers receive the best possible products and services.

        We Cover Them, They Cover Us, It is Mutual.

        Transparency is key, and our solar products speak the truth about their experience at PBOX.

        “Council’s use of sustainable energy options reflects community expectations,
        There is an increasing awareness that we can all do our bit to reduce carbon emissions across a broad range of smaller scale projects and in our individual lives."

        Mr. Taylor

        GMC, Australia

        "We’re happy with the performance, 100% off-grid solar powered warm light, which is perfectly matched with conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands!"



        “This is our first cooperation with PBOX, the first case show in Oman ,will install more and more in future"


        Ooredoo, Oman

        “Their profession and their hard-working attitude deeply impress us. With the wireless control system, we can remotely control & monitor the lights, we’re very satified with the performance and the reliablity that has been shown to us"

        LRE Company


        “Everywhere you go, you’ll see many the solar lights. Great lights, very reliable, I think it’s the best thing Yotvata has ever done!"

        Hevel Elliot Regional

        Southern Israel

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