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PBOX Lighting announce new powerful P6 series solar home system

solar home lighting system

Zhuhai – PBOX off-grid solutions, the solar power company which designs, manufactures and sells solar lighting & power solutions from China, officially announced that it launches a new P6 series solar home system on the 25th November.The PBOX P6 series Solar Home System is the perfect power grid for your modern everyday needs, bundled with lights and practical accessories.

solar home lighting system

This clean and efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, a powerful charging battery pack, LED lamps, a rechargeable radio, a rechargeable torch and a multi-pronged mobile phone charging cable. Reliable, durable, and high efficiency energy source, and light-weight, easy plug’n’play, upgrade to a higher quality lifestyle with the PBOX off-grid solution.


More product launch campaigns will be released soon.

solar home lighting system

About PBOX Solutions

POWERBAND Green Energy Ltd. (Zhuhai) is an innovative solar lighting enterprise with experts to seek inspirational new ways to light our world. They’ve risen to the challenge by developing solutions that combine energy efficiency and ease of use with exceptional quality of light through solar energy.

With the vision to make solar applications available everywhere for a sustainable future. POWERBAND is devoted to using innovative ideas, new technologies and materials to deliver clean, eco-friendly, and reliable solar products under PBOX brand to everyone.

integrated solar led street light

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