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Solar Home System

P7 Solar Home System

P7 Solar Home System is an independent photovoltaic system composed of the built-in lithium battery, a  controller, solar panels and a standard USB interface. It meets the home lighting and basic living energy  damand in remote rural areas.

P7 series Solar Home System is powerful and reliable, equipped with 110-360W solar panels and 384-1536wh  battery capacity. Users can charge LED lights, fans, mobile phones, iPads, MP3 players, computers,  televisions, refrigerators and other household appliances through the USB/DC/inverter interface.

This eco-friendly power supply system is another flagship product from PBOX to achieve the vision, which is  to make solar applications available to everyone in the world.

solar energy system supplier


Battery capacity


Solar panel


USB output/USB

10~15V 5A&2A

DC output/DC

Product Features

Solar home system P6-P7
Solar home system P6-P7
Solar home system P6-P7
Solar home system P6-P7
Solar energy system -P7
Solar energy system -P7
Solar energy system -P7

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