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Solar Home System


The PBOX P6 Series Solar Home System is the perfect power grid for your modern everyday needs, bundled with lights and practical accessories. This system is certified by lighting global with pay as you go platform.

This clean and efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, a powerful charging battery pack, LED lamps and a multi-pronged mobile phone charging cable. Upgrade to a higher quality lifestyle with the PBOX Off-grid system.

solar home system p6


Battery capacity


Solar panel


USB output/USB

11~14.5V 5A&2A

DC output/DC

150W AC110V

Inverter Output

Product Features

Solar energy system
Solar energy system
Solar energy system
Solar home system -P6-P7
Solar home system -P6-P7

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Solar Powered LED Light vs High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Introducing the First Frameless All In One Solar Street Light

Portable Solar Home System

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