Solar Home Systems with LIGHTING GLOBAL Certification

P6 Solar Home Systems Obtained LIGHTING GLOBAL Quality Assurance

Solar Home System with Lighting Global

Great news that PBOX P6 series solar home systems officially obtained the LIGHTING GLOBAL authority certification’s approval, which has officially been attended in the LIGHTING GLOBAL product list. To light up the global solar lighting project, PBOX-P6 will be eligible to participate for projects financed by the World Bank. The acquisition of this certificate will provide important support for PBOX and its global partners to participate in World Bank projects or other projects that follow this standard.

solar home system with lighting global
solar home system with lighting global

As we all know, LIGHTING GLOBAL is strictness for certification samples and requires a lot of effort and expense. Our PBOX team has experienced more than one year from submitting the application to obtaining the official certificate. Product testing is based on the IEC62257-9-5 standard and also combines more related global requirements. According to the requirements, all the certified samples provided by PBOX are selected from large-volume orders. The ageing inspection, testing, and actual review in professional institutions last for several months. This certificate can only be issued after passing a series of certifications for factories and complex professions. It is precise because of the high standard of LIGHTING GLOBAL certification that it has a higher gold content and can better meet the global high requirements for solar lighting. 

PBOX P6 series small solar home lighting system is a solar energy-supported small home power supply system, which can power LED light bulbs, mobile phones, televisions, electric fans and other small appliances. As a small solar home lighting system, P6 is favoured by many families in poor areas. In addition, a lot of families would choose this system as an emergency power supply because it is off-grid and environmentally friendly. Reward this qualification on LIGHTING GLOBAL, PBOX will be better to serve the world’s unsolved basic lighting users bring more and more brightness.

pbox solar home system

What is LIGHTING GLOBAL project? (The following information comes from Lighting Global official website)

The LIGHTING GLOBAL Project is a platform established by the World Bank Group to support the sustainable development of the international off-grid solar market and make it a way to increase energy supply to the 1.2 billion people who are not yet connected to the grid. With this project, the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank cooperate with the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA), lighting product manufacturers, distributors and other related partners to jointly promote the development of the modern off-grid energy market. The Lightning Global Project promotes market development by cooperating with companies and helping companies that have just entered the market to reduce risks and activates private sector investment through market research, quality assurance programs, business support services and consumer education. So far, 116 million people around the world have used and benefited from products that have passed the quality verification of the Lighting Global Project.

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