Harare Drive Roundabout Solar Street Lighting Solution in Zimbabwe

Harare Drive Roundabout Solar Street Lighting Solution in Zimbabwe

Solar Street Lighting Solution in Zimbabwe

Harare City, Zimbabwe

Harare is the capital and most populous city of Zimbabwe. Situated in northeastern Zimbabwe in the country’s Mashonaland region, Harare is a metropolitan province, which also incorporates the municipalities of Chitungwiza and Epworth.

The Challenge of Road Lighting

The local authority has refurbished a road in the city and they required various street lighting on completion of the road. Renewable energy street lighting was the best option and they wanted to make a smart city example for this road. The roundabout is where they want to make a smart city example.

Solar Street Lighting Solution in Zimbabwe

Make it Easy & Possible

Powerband Green energy (PBOX), a solar lighting enterprise has a 5-year experience in the Zimbabwe solar lighting market. It has a good reputation and brand perception in the market for a long time. After the analysis and research, PBOX offers a solar street light solution for the roundabout project. X5 split type solar street light, which can adjust the solar panel and the light head according to the solar radiation intensity and light direction requirement. Except for the adjustable function, the X5 equips the PIR motion sensor which can adjust the light brightness automatically. With all these features, the contractors decided to choose the X5 split type in the roundabout project. PBOX X5 solar street lights were installed around the roundabout and because of the adjustable function from solar street light, all X5 solar lights can satisfy the lighting requirement no matter which position they are.

Solar Street Lighting Solution in Zimbabwe

Pbox X5 Solar Street Light System

X5, the flagship product from PBOX, has already been in the solar street light market for years. This solar street light has two type, one is All-in-One solar street light, another is the split type. All-in-One design has an integrated solar panel, efficient LED, intelligent battery management system, Lithium battery, and PIR motion sensor. It is easy to install and simple to maintain. The split type makes the LED light head and PIR motion sensor separate with the panel, providing flexible solutions for the complex project requirement.

Solar Street Lighting Solution in Zimbabwe
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