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PBOX brightens the future of smart lighting at Dubai

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Namibia -Solar LED street lighting System replaces the HPS lamp

Solar LED Street Lighting System Installed in Namibia Location: Main road in Oshakati town, Namibia Distributor: Smart World Information Technologies  Product Used: X5 Plus solar street light|130W PV, 615 Wh battery, 60W LED Overview for Namibia solar lighting project: Oshakati town has two entrances. Or rather where it says “Welcome to this town”. The existed street lamps used the HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp to light the main road, which is dark and not bright enough, and every year the town municipality need to spend about N$3million on electricity bill for this on-grid street lighting system. Requirements: It’s the main road lighting that requires more […]
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Wide Applications of Solar Street Lights

The development of solar street lights have changed our understanding and view of street lights. Traditional street lights are generally designed for pure lighting illumination, with no concern of the appearance of street lights, and requires cabling and trenching to install. Which is a greater consumption on both manpower and material resources? On the basis of retaining the main functions of traditional street lights, solar street lights can optimize the easy installation and appearance, saving on both installation cost and time, which makes the solar street light suitable for a variety of outdoor lighting applications. There are high requirements on […]

How to choose solar lamp?

When we´re talking about choosing solar lamp, the quality is always the first factor that we will consider. Because the overall quality not only decide luminous effect, but also his service life. Before we select solar lamp, it’s necessary for us to be aware of those parts which constitute the whole: lamp (light source), pole, solar panel, controller and storage battery. The lamp is the light source of the entire streetlight. The quality of the light directly determines the lighting effect of the lighting. Nowadays, LED lamps are widely used as lamps for solar lanterns due to their durability, high […]
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Is It Worthy to Invest in Solar Car Parking Lot Light?

Solar Powered Parking Lot lights What kind of lighting solutions are worthy to invest, when a new commercial site is completed or an existing outdoor parking lot needs to be replaced with lighting equipment? Thinking about the cost, environmental protection, ease of installation, safety performance and other factors, we recommend using PBOX solar car park lights. Pbox’s solar parking lot light is a technically universal, off-grid sustainable lighting solution, that can reduce the brightness to 30% of the capacity when there is no activity, thereby saving electricity. This provides enough background light to ensure safety. And provides enough low light […]
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PBOX Announced A New Frameless Monocrystalline Solar Panel Street Light

First Frameless Monocrystalline Solar Panel Street Light Zhuhai – PBOX off-grid solar street lighting solutions, the solar power company which designs, manufactures and sells solar lighting solutions from China, officially announced today that it launches a new frameless design solar street light X4/X4S on the 16th September.  This new design ensures there be a limited build-up of dirt on the structure, enabling the lights to work at full capacity for an extended period of time. While frameless, solar road lights are strong and sturdy. The solid and reliable bracket structures are made from high strength aluminium, are corrosion-resistant and can withstand strong […]
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