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solar street lighting show - kenya

Making Africa Powered by SOLAR- PBOX at Kenya

Pbox Solar street light factory

PBOX Off-Grid Solutions Brightly Shines at Solar Middle East Dubai 2019

Powerband Green Energy Ltd. (PBOX) is an innovative solar lighting enterprise with experts to seek inspirational new ways to light out the world. As a subsidiary brand of Leadsun, PBOX insists on developing renewable, energy-efficiency and user-friendly solar energy products. Thousands of power products and innovative technologies are energizing the industry at the world’s leading power event – Middle East Electricity from 5-7 March. Hosted by UAE Ministry of Energy and based in Dubai, Middle East Electricity is the global leading international trade event for the power industry, with dedicated product sectors for power generation, lighting and solar at the […]
Solar led street light all in one

PBOX Solar Lighting Solutions First Show In Philippines

For the huge potential of the Philippines market, PBOX first show in Philippines during May 20-21 in SMX Convention Center Manila, which attracted hundreds of local interested solar industry experts, traders and contractors to consult more details of PBOX solar lighting solutions. THE HIGHLIGHT INCLUDE X4 Series Double-sided Solar Street Light Industry’s First Frameless Design Double sided solar panel LiFePO4 Lithium battery X5 Plus Solar Street Light+CCTV Integrated solar powered lighting & video system with high effciency LED Street Light and 4G Camera Integrated standard HD camera. No complex parameter setting Integrated High Luminous Efficacy LED Street Light Powered by […]


It’s in 2019. Can we live in a world that is entirely powered by solar? Not quite, but it is no longer a fancied world now. Recent research indicates that 74% of people shopping for home solar power are also interested in home energy storage. And while fewer than 20% of people who buy solar end up with a battery to go along with it, there are signs that might be changing soon. The way you save money with a home battery is by avoiding the high cost of on-peak electricity under a time-of-use (TOU) billing plan. On a TOU billing plan, […]

New material to help increase the efficiency of solar-generated electricity

Since life was born on the earth, solar power is the main energy source for it. Solar power is also vitally important for the human being to survive. A Purdue University LED team developed new material and the manufacturing process. It was reported that this new material could use solar energy as heat energy, more efficient while generating electricity. This innovation is a great step for the cost of competition between fossil fuel and solar thermal power generation. ‘It is cheaper than storing energy via battery if storing solar energy as heat’, Purdue’s Reilly Professor of Material Engineering Kenneth Sandhage […]
Off-Grid Solar Home System

PBOX Lighting Announce New Off-Grid Solar Home System P6 Series

PBOX Off-Grid Solar Home System -P6 Zhuhai – PBOX off-grid solutions, the solar power company which designs, manufactures and sells solar lighting & power solutions from China, officially announced that it launches a new P6 series solar home system on the 25th November.The PBOX P6 series off-grid solar home system is the perfect power grid for your modern everyday needs, bundled with lights and practical accessories. This clean and efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, a powerful charging battery pack, LED lamps, a rechargeable radio, a rechargeable torch and a multi-pronged mobile phone charging cable. Reliable, durable, and high efficiency energy source, and […]
pbox solar home system

P6 Solar Home Systems Obtained LIGHTING GLOBAL Quality Assurance

Solar Home System with Lighting Global Great news that PBOX P6 series solar home systems officially obtained the LIGHTING GLOBAL authority certification’s approval, which has officially been attended in the LIGHTING GLOBAL product list. To light up the global solar lighting project, PBOX-P6 will be eligible to participate for projects financed by the World Bank. The acquisition of this certificate will provide important support for PBOX and its global partners to participate in World Bank projects or other projects that follow this standard. As we all know, LIGHTING GLOBAL is strictness for certification samples and requires a lot of effort and expense. Our […]
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