UAE Solar Street Light Project | Oil Field Road Solar Lighting Solution

CASE STUDY – UAE Oil Field Main Road – Solar Street Light Project

UAE Solar Street Light Project

Location: UAE Oil Field ( Solar Street Light Project )

Solar Street Light Project Overview

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a desert climate with very mild winters and very hot, sunny summers. Which made unbearably hot by the humidity of the Persian Gulf. Annual precipitation is under 100 mm (4 inches). Therefore, almost everywhere and is concentrated in winter. This makes light conditions very much a priority here. But, the heat and sand are the biggest challenges in this solar street lights project.

Product Used: 

X5 series (180W PV,55W LED ,1229Wh li-ion battery)


This road is an important access to the oil fields. So the client required adequate lighting and less maintenance for the oil field roads. In other words, it was necessary to ensure that the road lights would illuminate the road ahead, for all vehicles on every sunny and rainy day and night…

UAE Solar Street Light Project


Pbox offered the well-designed off-grid lighting solution for this solar street light project.  Equipped with our independent R&D Battery management system on X5 series. in addition both all-in-one type and split type solar street light (180W PV,55W LED ,1229Wh li-ion battery) are using. As a Result it enable working all night with full power.



Our robust, high quality, proven technology provides the highest reliability. After 15 years of trials, testing and validation, PBOX has over 300,000 installations worldwide.


With such a low carbon footprint, Pbox’s streetlights are both economical and environmentally friendly. With no ongoing energy costs, they are free to operate and protect asset owners from future energy price shocks.

Low Maintenance:

PBox’s SMART solar street lights consist of scalable and easy-to-use “plug and play”,components to ensure long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Rapid & Scalable:

PBOX street lights are not dependent on mains power. The project use innovative pole and lighting unit technology for quick and easy installation with minimal labor, providing a flexible and economical solution.

UAE Solar Street Light Project

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