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CASE STUDY – Myanmar Rural Villages – Best Off Grid Solar System

Off Grid Solar System in Myanmar Villages

Product Used: P6 Solar Home Lighting System|PV 60W, Lithium Battery 230Wh

Location: Myanmar Rural Villages

Project Overview

About 80% of the rural areas in Myanmar have no electrical grid supply. Most rural villages urgently need to solve the basic need of lighting. The solar lighting system is purchased by the local government through government bidding, and the solar lighting products installed in the local area by local distributors.The P6 solar home lighting system brought thousands of homes the light they urgently needed, making their lives brighter and easier.

Solar led street light all in one


The solar conditions in Myanmar are very good, but in summer the rainy season can last too long. And the trees in the countryside will block some of the sunlight, so the battery back-up capacity requirements for the solar lighting system are relatively high.

Solar home system paygo

Off Grid Solar System Solution

We provide P6 series solar lighting system with a 60W solar panels and 230Wh LiFePO4 Li-ion battery. The system is equipped with 4 bulbs, one tube and 4 5V 2.1A USB charging ports, which can allow multiple phones to be charged at once, which is especially useful for families. And the DC-12V interface with high-power output can solve the most basic power requirements for a large family, including powering LED lighting, fans, TVs etc., which can greatly improve the happiness index of local residents.

Solar home system paygo


“We are so happy! Now the home is connected to electricity, no longer all dark at night, and has USB charging function, also easy to install, the product is small and does not occupy the place, thank the government, thank the supplier, brought us such good benefits!”

Solar home system paygo
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    All in one solar street light

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    All in one solar street light

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