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Battery Materials Development

The Battery Development

The Birth Of The Voltaic Pile

Alessandro Volta invented the world's first Battery


The Arrival Of Lead Acid Batteries

Gaston Planté created the first battery that could be recharged: the Lead-Acid Battery


Develpment of Lead Acid Batteries

Invention of maintenance-free lead-acid battery


Invention of Lithium-ion Battery

The world's first lithium-ion Battery was invented


Develpment of Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion Battery to achieve commercialization


Using of Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion Battery was been used in all in one solar street light


Comparision of Battery

Part Name Lithium-ion battery Lead-acid battery
Lifespan Cycle life up to 2000 times/cost-effective 4 times than lead-acid batteries Cycle life 500 times/low cost-effective
CapacityLithium battery capacity of 8-10ALead-acid battery capacity is about 20A
Volume and Weight In same capacity. Lithium-ion battery size is 2/3 volume of the lead-acid battery. V3 weight of lead -acid battery In same capacity. the volume and weight is larger than lithium-ion battery
Preformance Can achieve high current rapid charge and discharge with special charger Without high current fast charge and discharge performance
Operation Temp. Charge: 0°C-55°C Discharge: -20°C-70°C Charge: 5°C-45°C Discharge: -20°C-45°C
Environmental protection Environmental protection batteries. without any toxic and hazardous substances. production and use of no pollution There is a lot of lead in the battery a and acid. if not handled properly after disposal. will cause pollution


PBOX Solar street light applied LiFePO4 lithium battery which battery cell would be 100% full inspection and 1 over a half year charge & discharge testing.

The lithium-ion battery Is not only a simple Industrial technology but also the development of the information industry. As one of the basic techniques in the new energy industry, the Lithium battery is becoming an indispensable resource in modern and future military equipment.

It is generally believed that the Lithium-ion battery is going to replace the lead-acid in the future and it will be widely used in various aspects.

Solar street light battery
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All in one solar street light

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Alumium design, LeFO Lithium-ion Battery,
High Effeciciency solar panel and smart Controller

All in one solar street light

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