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clean solar panels

The Importance of Timing: When to Clean Your Solar Panels for Optimal Performance

1. Why we need to clean solar panels 1.1 Influence of power generation efficiency Solar panels are devices that absorb sunlight and convert solar radiation directly or indirectly into electrical energy through the photoelectric or photochemical effect. The service life of solar panels is determined by the material of the cells, tempered glass, EVA, TPT etc. In general, the power will decay by 30% in 20 years and by 70% in 25 years. The lifetime of a photovoltaic module is determined by its power generation efficiency. One of the factors that affect the efficiency of solar panels is stains, dust […]
smart solar street light

What Is Smart Solar Street Light

Introduction In today’s world of continued electricity supply constraints, inefficient, high-consumption traditional urban lighting has become an important area for energy saving and consumption reduction. Solar energy is a truly green and non-polluting source of energy. Solar photovoltaic power generation consists of solar cells, batteries, controllers and luminous bodies. It also has the advantages of cleanliness, safety and universality that cannot be matched by hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power. Table of Contents What is the smart solar streetlight Smart solar street light parts ▶ Solar Panel ▶ LED lights ▶ Light Pole ▶ Solar Rechargeable Battery ▶ Easy to […]

Solar Street Light Project in Israel – Kibbutz hotel, Ein Gev Holiday Resort

Location: Ein Gev Holiday Resort-Kibbutz hotel, Israel ( Solar Street Light Project ) Solar Street Light Project Overview: The Ein Gev Holiday Resort, the first on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee is one of the most popular in Northern Israel for touring. For the Kibbutz hotel, which has scenic surroundings and a seaside location, required unique lighting conditions, energy-saving, wind-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Application Scenario: Promenade, parking lots, and roads Product: X4 Integrated Solar Street Light Core Advantages : 1)Less than 24 h installation! All-in-one solar-led lights, are easy and simple to maintain compared with traditional street […]

Solar Street Light In Chile – Bahía Inglesa Beach Coast ​

Solar street light in Chile – Bahía Inglesa Beach Coast   Location: Bahía Inglesa Beach Coast – Chile Product: 50W Solar Street light -X5 Project Overview Chile has unique terrain with a long and narrow coastline. It become a part of residents’ life to play by the sea. It required public lighting along the way in particular luminous. Solar street light in Chile not only to provide security, but also need to withstand the test of the seaside climate. Our Solution PBOX offered the well-designed off-grid lighting solution for this project, solar street light in Chile. Resistant to level 16 typhoon and […]
solar lights with motion sensor

How to Choose Different Solar Street Light With Motion Sensor

Solar Street Light With Motion Sensor — How To Choose? The intelligent PIR motion sensor module design of solar streetlights solves this problem well. With the development of solar-led street light technology, solar light manufacturers have invented new ways to reduce the power demand in some areas where lights don’t need to stay on all night. It helps to reduce light pollution and save energy. Time control and motion sensors are essential ways to help set to minimum power. PIR sensors are mostly used. What Is PIR Motion Sensor? A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that […]
solar street light in Hong Kong

Solar Street Light In Hong Kong – Kai Tak Runway Park

Introduction Location: Hong Kong, China | Asia Product: 90W Solar Street light -X5 Kai Tak Runway Park, Hong Kong, China installed X5 series 90W all in two solar street lights in the park runway area. Project Overview Most of us love exercising or relaxing after work, which makes Kai Tak Runway Park so popular. Such activity place requires luminous lighting conditions at night, to improve safety and comfort. So our solar street light in Hong Kong project are using X5 series. For citizens to enjoy better when jogging along the runway or playing with children on the lawn. It become the […]

How To Save Money In 5 Aspects By Choosing Solar Street Light

How To Save Money In 5 Aspects By Choosing Solar Street Light A penny saved is a penny earned! Solar lamp light has been more popular these days. How to save money by choosing solar-led street lights? There are 5 essential parts of the reason. As a 15-year-old manufacturer of solar streetlights, PBOX has application experience throughout the world. Must have the confidence to provide the ideal lighting solution for every project. 1. The cheapest renewable solar energy. 2. Long life span. 3. Less effort on installation, all-in-one technique. 4. Less maintenance. 5. Customized power-saving choice of motion-sensor How much […]
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