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P6 Solar Home Systems Obtained LIGHTING GLOBAL Quality Assurance

Solar Home System with Lighting Global Great news that PBOX P6 series solar home systems officially obtained the LIGHTING GLOBAL authority certification’s approval, which has officially been attended in the LIGHTING GLOBAL product list. To light up the global solar lighting project, PBOX-P6 will be eligible to participate for projects financed by the World Bank. The acquisition of this certificate will provide important support for PBOX and its global partners to participate in World Bank projects or other projects that follow this standard. As we all know, LIGHTING GLOBAL is strictness for certification samples and requires a lot of effort and expense. Our […]
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PBOX Announced A New Frameless Monocrystalline Solar Panel Street Light

First Frameless Monocrystalline Solar Panel Street Light Zhuhai – PBOX off-grid solar street lighting solutions, the solar power company which designs, manufactures and sells solar lighting solutions from China, officially announced today that it launches a new frameless design solar street light X4/X4S on the 16th September.  This new design ensures there be a limited build-up of dirt on the structure, enabling the lights to work at full capacity for an extended period of time. While frameless, solar road lights are strong and sturdy. The solid and reliable bracket structures are made from high strength aluminium, are corrosion-resistant and can withstand strong […]
Off-Grid Solar Home System

PBOX Lighting Announce New Off-Grid Solar Home System P6 Series

PBOX Off-Grid Solar Home System -P6 Zhuhai – PBOX off-grid solutions, the solar power company which designs, manufactures and sells solar lighting & power solutions from China, officially announced that it launches a new P6 series solar home system on the 25th November.The PBOX P6 series off-grid solar home system is the perfect power grid for your modern everyday needs, bundled with lights and practical accessories. This clean and efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, a powerful charging battery pack, LED lamps, a rechargeable radio, a rechargeable torch and a multi-pronged mobile phone charging cable. Reliable, durable, and high efficiency energy source, and […]
solar car parking lot lighting

Is It Worthy to Invest in Solar Car Parking Lot Light?

Solar Powered Parking Lot lights What kind of lighting solutions are worthy to invest, when a new commercial site is completed or an existing outdoor parking lot needs to be replaced with lighting equipment? Thinking about the cost, environmental protection, ease of installation, safety performance and other factors, we recommend using PBOX solar car park lights. Pbox’s solar parking lot light is a technically universal, off-grid sustainable lighting solution, that can reduce the brightness to 30% of the capacity when there is no activity, thereby saving electricity. This provides enough background light to ensure safety. And provides enough low light […]
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World’s First Zero Carbon City in UAE – PBOX Outdoor Solar Light Project

Outdoor Solar Lighting Project in UAE Abu-Dhabi Masdar City, UAE The world’s first zero-carbon renewable energy city being built in Abu- Dhabi envisions functioning on its own grid with full carbon neutrality. There are no light switches or water taps in the city; movement sensors control lighting and water to cut electricity and water consumption by 51 and 55 percent respectively. In response to the project’s commitment to zero carbon, zero waste, and other environmentally friendly goals, WWF and BioRegional have endorsed Masdar City as an official One Planet Living Community. The Challenge Owing to its zero-carbon promise, Masdar City must […]
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There are still many misconceptions about lighting technology

What do Chinese consumers know about lighting technology? Or ask another question: how much do Chinese consumers think they know about lighting technology? Do they know how to purchase the corresponding watts number of lighting products according to the color temperature and lumens they need? Do they know that light has biological effects? In the “landvance international consumer research” survey, including a representative survey of more than 2000 Chinese consumers, people still lack enough understanding of many aspects of current and future lighting technologies. Landward Vance hopes to end people’s confusion about lighting through the international day tomorrow. The United […]

Why 5G can pull hundreds of billions of markets for smart street lights

5G Technology on Smart Solar Lighting The next generation wireless technology is undoubtedly playing the leading role by 5G. It is not only the direction of the development of smart phone communication, but also the future wireless highway. 5G technology is at least 100 times faster than 4G. It can live video with almost zero lag time and download a complete movie in a few seconds, and we don’t have to worry about speed with the high resolution trends of visual effects. 5G technology is actually a great leap forward, bringing new revolution to all industries. The three largest operators […]

New material to help increase the efficiency of solar-generated electricity

Since life was born on the earth, solar power is the main energy source for it. Solar power is also vitally important for the human being to survive. A Purdue University LED team developed new material and the manufacturing process. It was reported that this new material could use solar energy as heat energy, more efficient while generating electricity. This innovation is a great step for the cost of competition between fossil fuel and solar thermal power generation. ‘It is cheaper than storing energy via battery if storing solar energy as heat’, Purdue’s Reilly Professor of Material Engineering Kenneth Sandhage […]

China’s renewable energy installed capacity grew 12 percent across all sources in 2018

As of the end of 2018, China’s renewable energy installation capacity had reached 728 GW, an increase of 12 percent from a year earlier, according to statistics released by China’s National Energy Administration. This breaks down into 352 GW (up 2.5 percent) for hydro, 184 GW (up 12.4 percent) for wind, 174 GW (up 34 percent) for photovoltaic (PV) and 17.8 GW (up 20.7 percent) for biomass. Renewable energy accounted for 38.3 percent of the country’s total installed power capacity, a rise of 1.7 percentage points. Power generation from renewable energy sources reached 1,870 TWh in 2018, an increase of […]
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