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All In One Solar Street Light

All In One Solar Street Light Overview

Speaking of all in one solar street lights (also call integrated solar street light), we all know that street lights are mainly used for road street lighting, the traditional street lights are used for utility, not only complex installation, requiring high electricity and maintenance costs and safety risks. With the development of science and technology ,energy saving and environmental protection needed, all in one solar street lights are listed on the whole society’s attention, solar street lights also began to gradually replace the utility street lights, so what is integrated solar street light? Integrated led solar street light is relative to the split solar street light, simply put is the battery panel, battery, controller, LED light source concentrated into one, made into a light head, and then configure the light pole or pick arm installation you may have noticed that.

As the development of solar energy technology, the cost is falling, more and more people are using integrated solar street lights to replace traditional street lights. Very local government projects are also using solar street lights for bidding.

The main reason for this transition of street lighting from traditional street lights to solar street lights is that solar power has many benefits. In addition to saving money on electricity, it is easy to install, long lasting and helps save energy.

solar led street light project

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Product information

To ensure use and installation in a variety of environments, we have a range of wattages, batteries, and other add-ons available. As a 15 years manufacturer of solar lighting fixtures, you can be sure we have the ideal solar lighting for every project. To ensure use and installation in a variety of environments, we have a range of wattages, batteries and other add-ons available. You can be sure we have the ideal solar lighting for every project.

Our powerful, industry-leading smart solar streetlight solutions offer reliable performance with innovative technology from the beginning of the project design, light simulation, to the sleek, architecturally designed PBOX X4/X5 series integrated solar LED street lights.

PBOX X5 Series Integrated Solar Street Light

X5 (PLUS) series, include 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W LED lamp power, with a high conversion Monocrystalline solar panel, high luminous efficiency LED, intelligent battery management system, high capacity lithium-ion battery, and PIR motion sensor.

X5 (PLUS) all-in-one solar street light advantage
  • All-in-one integrated design.
  • Very easy to install and simple to maintain.
  • Energy saving: more than 21% solar photoelectric conversion to provide electricity
  • Environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;
  • Safety: no electric shock, fire and other accidents;
  • Long life: after the market verification, the product can be used for more than 8 years
  • High quality: IP65 Waterproof and IK08 Impact Protection Rating.
  • Low investment: low one-time investment and late maintenance costs
Subseries X5 All In One X5 PLUS All In One
Model No. X5AI15W X5BL20W X5BN30W X5DP30W X5DP40W X5FR50W X5FS60W X5GU60W X5GW80W
Lighting Fixture Technical Parameters
Light Output (w) 15W 20W 30W 30W 40W 50W 60W 60W 80W
Qty. of LED Chips 16 24 36 36 36 2*24 2*36 2*36 2*36
Optional Light Distribution T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3
Color Temperature (K) 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
Typical Luminous Flux (lm) 2625 3500 5250 5250 6800 8500 10200 10200 13600
Power of PV Module (W) 35 55 55 80 80 130 130 180 180
Battery Capacity (Wh) 154 230 308 460 460 615 768 922 1229
PIR Sensor
Working Mode 100% brightness for 30s when motion detected, 25% brightness when no one around 100% brightness for 30s when motion detected, 25% brightness when no one around
Min. Working Time (Hours) Bright Mode 10  13  10  10  11  13  13 
DIM Mode (25%) 35  39  35  52  39  42  44  52  52 
Light Photosensitivity (lx) 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Net Weight of Product (Kg) 8.5 10 10.5 14.5 14.5 22 25 28 30
Dimensions of Product (mm) 602(L)×426(W)×94(T) 873(L)×426(W)×94(T) 1190(L)×426(W)×94(T) 1588(L)×515(W)×96(T) 1588(L)×515(W)×130(T) 1503(L)×671(W)×130(T)
Storage Temperature -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃ -20℃~45℃
Wind Load Rate (mph) 110 110 110 130 130 130 130 130 130
Recommended Installation Height (M) 4~6 4~6 5~8 5~8 5~8 7~10 7~10 10~12 6~8

PBOX X4 Series all in one Solar Street Light

The X4S series is PBOX’s first all-in-one solar street light with a frameless design. It is a solar lighting system that integrates a high conversion rate double-sided solar panel with a high luminous efficiency LED module (Cree or Osram LED chip), an intelligent battery management system and a high efficiency controller.

The frameless solar panel minimizes dust buildup. The ingenious design of the high-strength bracket ensures user reliability.

X4 (S) Frameless solar street light advantage

  • Flameless integrated Modern design.
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain.
  • Energy-saving: more than 21% solar photoelectric conversion to provide electricity
  • LiFePO4 Li-ion Battery – Over 2000 cycles with dual battery management system for 8 years life expectancy;
  • High Efficiency Controller – Self-developed controller with overall protection;
  • Long life: after the market verification, the product can be used for more than 8 years
  • High Effciency LED – Luminous effciency is up to 180lm/W.
  • High performance: IP66 Waterproof and IK08 Impact Protection Rating.
Model No. X4S90N20 X4S90P30 X4S130P40 X4S130R50 X4S180S60 X4S180U80
Lighting Fixture Technical Parameters
Light Output (w) 20 watts 30 watts 40 watts 50 watts 60 watts 80 watts
Qty. of LED Chips 16 36 36 36 2*36 2*36
Optional Light Distribution T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3 T2/T3
Color Temperature (K) 4000/5000 4000/5000 4000/5000 4000/5000 4000/5000 4000/5000
Typical Luminous Flux (lm) 3400 lumens 5100 lumens 6800 lumens 8500 lumens 10200 lumens 13600 lumens
Power of PV Module (W) 90 90 130 130 180 180
Liuthium Battery Capacity (WH) 308 460 460 615 768 922
PIR Sensor
Working Mode 100% brightness for 30s when motion detected, 25% brightness when no one around
Min. Working Time (Hours) Bright Mode 13  13  10  10  11  10 
DIM Mode (25%) 52  52  39  42  44  39 
Light Photosensitivity (lx) 30 30 30 30 30 30
Net Weight of Product (Kg) 19 20 27 29 33 34
Dimensions of Product (mm) 1028*524*322 1207*683*322 1495*683*322
Environment Requirement
Wind Load Rate (mph) 130 130 130 130 130 130
EPA(effective projected area) (ft2) 3~5 4~6 5~8 8~10 8~10 8~12

Benefits of All In One Solar Street Light

Lesser Operation Costs

All in one type solar street lights are Independent of the utility grid and there are wireless lights that no need to connect to the electricity provider. This will result In a lesser operation costs.

Low Maintenance Costs & Low Accident Risk

Integrated solar street lights also require lesser maintenance than conventional street lights. They have lower chance of overheating and a lower labor cost of maintenance. There were many accidents happen to the maintenance personnel who repaired the solar street light over the world such as strangulation and electrocution. Since solar wires do not have extra wires, the risk of accidents is minimized.

Eliminate carbon footprints

All-in-one solar street lights are eco-friendly as the panels generate power only depending on the sun, therefore, they can eliminate the carbon footprints.

Ease of installation and replacement

Some parts of solar street lighting system are portable, it makes the solar street light easy to install and replace.
Besides, there are still many benefits of integrated solar led street light, Pbox solar street light is one of the solar street light brands which contains all these benefits with different types of product and high-quality assurance.

All-in-one Solar lighting applications

Path, Lawns, Parks Lighting​

Today, paths, lawns, and parks are increasingly popular within communities. Not only do they encourage more walking and biking, but they improve the health of the community, and ample, safely lit spaces are a guarantee of community harmony. But imagine if roads, lawns, and parks like these could be used by more people for longer periods of time throughout the day, by bringing light from the day into the night. Creating a safer, more active living space.

Parking Lot Lighting​

Every sports facility, station, park, shopping center or countless other public spaces always has an attached parking lot. It goes without saying that all these spaces need to be adequately lit for visibility and safety. PBOX public lighting solutions, it has a no wiring required, installation time is greatly reduced and post maintenance costs are extremely low..

Highway and roadway Lighting​

The risk of accidents can be minimized because solar LED street lights are easy to install without external power access. These lights can be easily installed on remote roads or highways where there is no electricity.LED street lights provide greater vehicle and pedestrian visibility and reduces road safety risks. The high quality lighting LED light system beautifies urban areas at night without polluting the environment.

Outdoor Lighting (Rural Area)​

All-in-one solar street lights work by converting solar energy and turning it into electricity. Therefore, these lights are a practical choice for outdoor or remote areas, as they can operate at night since no electricity is required. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, these lights automatically turn on when it senses any motion. If the battery and solar panel configuration is large enough, it can provide reliable lighting at all times, even on 5-6 cloudy days.

All-in-one Solar Street Light Installation

Installation Direction of Solar Panel

select the appropriate product according to the installation site’s sunlight intensity and required operating time. If you are in the northern hemisphere, face the solar panels
towards the south as far as possible when installing the X5 powerful solar street light; if you are in the southern hemisphere, face the solar panels towards the north

For maximum operation efficiency of the solar panels, make sure the sunlight is not blocked by buildings or trees.

integrated solar street light installation

How to choose the right lamp pole?

It is suggested to choose the cantilever light pole for the LED street light and the cantilever should be no wider than 60mm diameter. The diameter of the light pole top which is used to install the solar power supply system should no more than 70mm.A 10 mm hole in diameter should be pre-opened at a distance of 102 mm from top of the pole to fix the bracket.

integrated solar street light installation

Working Mode Description

The product default setting is using light-operated switch to control the light through the solar panel (light-operated control threshold is 30lx). It means light up automatically when dark and light off when dawn. The street light will go into the dim mode when no one around at night and it will full brightness when someone around.

integrated solar street light installation

All-in-One Solar Lighting Technologies

LiFePO4 Lithium-ion Battery

Over 2000 times cycle charge-discharge and our patented technology battery management program, enabling the life span of battery to last for over 6 years, greatly improving the ROI and at the same time helping to sustain the earth’s resources.

Intelligent Time Controller

In-house R&D innovated controller which can regulate output power intelligently and adopts to varying weather. Different Brightness control mode and dusk to dawn control.

High Effificient LED Chip

High-effciency LED chip (CREE, OSRAM) luminous effciency is up to 180lm/W (@25 C). Superior outdoor LED • Aluminum lamp base excellent heat dissipation

Bat Wing + Spreadlight Lens

The brand new light distribution lens design delivers extraordinary lighting effects, illumination and uniformity. Designed especially to suit various light distribution types.

Smart PIR Motion Sensor

Panasonic PIR sensor module Durable with Reliable performance, longer sensing distance

High Efficient Solar Panel

With high transfer efficiency solar panel. Mono-crystalline silicone solar panel, 25 years life span

Aluminum Frame Structure

The solar streetlights have to survive extreme cold and hot weather. The modular structure is extremely good at protecting the essential parts of the streetlights

Intelligent Power Saving Mode

The intelligent battery control system can automatically adjust the light output power according to the battery storage capacity effectively extending the working time of the light. Ensuring the continuous working of the solar street light even during bad weather.

Projects Image Gallary

How to Choose Right All in one solar street lights

PBOX, as a solar lighting expert, has been developing its solar lighting products and technology for over 13 years. With high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel, maintenance-free LiFePO4 battery, advanced controller with intelligent charging and discharging management ability, high quality LED and low-voltage safe system, to realize features like high efficiency,technical performance and so on.
All in solar street light vs
Monocrystalline solar panel
Monocrystalline silicon
Quasi square in alignment, uniform color
Conversion rate 19%- 23%
25 years lifespan, 2~ 3% attenuation after 20 years
High conversion rate and stability,appropriate for application with general radiation condition.
Polycrystalline soalr panel
Polycrystalline silicon
Square or rectangular, different shades of color
Conversion rate13%-17%
25 years lifespan, 5~6% attenuation after 20 years
low wastage in manufacturing process and low cost, appropriate for application with good.
All in solar street light vs
PBOX lighting fixtures adopts originally imported Cree LED chips with 170-180lm/w high tuminous efficiency , as two excellent options (T2/T3 lens) for different types of Lighting projects, achieves highly stable performance and a long lifespan of at least 50000 hours.
Most of the LED luminous efficiency of solar street light in the market is 100-120lm/w. Once the heat dissipation design is not so good, the efficiency could be even lower after long-term use
All in solar street light vs
Lithium-ion Life PO4 battery: adopts Life PO4 batteries and has more than 2000 times charge-discharge life cycle, with an exclusive patented technology battery management program, enabling the life span of battery to last for over 6-8 years.
Cycle Characteristic 2000 time s (100%DOD)
4000 times (80%DOD)
7000 times (50%DOD) 

Ternary lithium battery: The normal ones use the ternary lithium battery, in theory charge- discharge cycle is about 300-500 times. When the operating temperature is too high and leads to large heat release , their life cycle even less than 300 times. Then the life span of battery can only last for 1-2years.

> 35℃ : The battery capacity continues to decrease and even burns out in high tem-perature.

<-40℃ : The battery loss will be high.


Although integrated solar street lights have many advantages, such as energy saving and environmental protection, simple installation, long service life, low investment costs, but in actual use is not perfect. Integrated solar street lights are constantly updated product technology, in the field of solar street lighting continue to seek breakthroughs, I believe that the future of integrated solar led street lights in strengthening personalization and functionality at the same time, can adapt to more complex environments to meet the growing needs of people’s lighting.


Due to the size and specifics of each project, there is no one set price for the solar street light. However, because solar streetlights do not require underground wiring and expensive machinery, installation costs are typically about a quarter of those for grid-powered lighting.

The all in one solar street light system requires minimal maintenance work because it can be easily monitored through wireless technology. If there is anything to pay attention to, it is necessary to clean the solar panels regularly in rural areas with relatively heavy sandstorms and less rain.

LED Solar Street lights are 30–50% more efficient than most traditional street lights.

Solar street lights still charge on cloudy days, but less at this time due to cloud cover scattering the intensity of the sunlight. However, the LPBOX system is properly configured and renewed to ensure that the solar panel to battery ratio can provide at least 3 - 5 days of battery life to always maintain the minimum lighting levels within the application.

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    The demand for power use is expected to nearly double by 2030. Consumers are guzzling power at an alarming rate, from smart home systems, electronics, and electric auto-mobiles to cloud computing and beyond. Much more is required to meet the mounting demand. Significant progress has already been made in the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

    Solar power is the conversion of solar energy into thermal or electrical energy. Solar power is a type of renewable energy supply that is both inexhaustible and eco-friendly. One of the applications of solar power is the solar street light. In comparison to solar panels for your roof in a grid-tied system, solar lights are an obvious and more economical “off-grid” solution.

    How Solar Street Light Works

    Solar panels capture sunlight during the day and convert it to electricity under the control of a solar charge controller. The storage battery will be charged by solar modules. The LED light source is powered by the storage battery at night. A DC controller can prevent the storage battery from damage caused by overcharging or discharging.

    The solar panel is a photo-voltaic (PV) module made using the principle of PV effects, and acts as a photocell during the day to receive solar energy and convert it into electrical output, which is stored in the battery through the MPPT or PWM smart controller. When the illumination decreases at night, the battery charges to the led lighting fixture after the smart controller detects a certain voltage value. The lamp is lit. This process is reversed during the day,.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Street Lights

    Solar power street lights are also used as outdoor illumination in residential and industrial areas. While some people use lights to beautify their property, others use solar energy to have a sense of protection and safety to their building and its surroundings. Solar energy, like any other energy source, has some advantages and downsides in its application, and understanding both sides is essential

    Solar power street light 2

    Eco-friendly and energy savingLarge initial investment
    Cost-effectiveExpensive than conventional street lights
    Modern technology and low maintenance costsThe service life of storage battery
    No complicated power facilitiesRisk of theft
    No interdependency flawOccasional inspection when placed in extreme weather conditions
    No expensive cable costs or cable theftReplacement of batteries
    Durable and Safe optionThe selection of the solar charge controller
    Simple installationThe low conversion efficiency
     Geographical and weather conditions



    In general, solar-led lights have numerous benefits which include the lack of power connectors and ease of installation, but the question rises are solar-powered lights good enough to substitute your readily available traditional electrical lights?

    Eco-friendly and energy saving:

    The threat of global warming is very real. People and governments around the globe are becoming more conscious of the need of employing resource-efficient and environmentally friendly energy sources. Solar street lights do not require any fuel and run entirely on solar energy. Solar energy is limitless and inexhaustible, making it the ideal green lighting option. Coal, gas, oil, and other nonrenewable energy sources may someday run out. People are becoming more aware of the notion that using solar lights can assist individuals, families, and companies reduce their carbon footprints.


    In terms of capital as well as operating and maintenance costs, powerful solar street lighting are a better investment. Because these lights are powered by solar energy, you won’t have to pay for electricity every month. Solar streetlight have a longer lifespan than ordinary street lights. Because the lights are wireless and not connected to any power grid, there are no ongoing expenditures associated with their installation.

    Modern technology and low maintenance costs:

    The solar street light, which is controlled by a solar charge controller, can alter the light intensity as per user demand. Traditional street lighting has a significant maintenance cost in rural areas. The solar street light, on the other hand, simply requires cyclical examination, resulting in a cheap maintenance cost. As a matter of fact, no manual intervention is required after the installation, you may save money in maintenance costs also. It is essential to also remember that solar-led street lights are capable of illuminating throughout the night irrespective of harsh weather conditions or due to any power cut down.

    No complicated power facilities:

    Solar power street light 1

    Solar LED street lights do not require an electrical connection. There is relatively little wiring required to link the solar panel to the luminary, and no external cables are used outdoors or at the foot of the pole, thus there are no safety concerns. When it comes to solar LED street lights, overheating, electrocutions and strangulation are not an option.

    Commercial power lighting projects are typically time-consuming and difficult to complete since they require cable work, digging, cable pipe laying, cable threading inside pipes, and ditch landfill. All of these procedures demand a significant amount of labor and equipment. In addition, the transformer, distribution cabinet, and switchboard all have additional expenditures. However, each solar lighting system is unique. And do not need any cable laying, trenching, or other similar processes, saving time, money, and labor.

    No interdependency flaw:

    There is a lot of interdependency in traditional grid electricity. Interdependence of cables simply means that issues in one region might influence many other connected cables, ultimately affecting the entire power supply. This is not an issue with solar street lighting because each unit is an interdependent power generation system, and if one light fails, you only need to check and repair that one unit.

    No expensive cable costs or cable theft:

    In remote places, cable theft is a prevalent concern, and constructing cables and transporting materials to those areas can be costly. When traditional lights are replaced with a solar lighting system, these problems are fully avoided. As each unit is independent and free of any cable connections there will be no cable to steal. If a solar-related theft occurs, the operation of any other unit in the system will not be harmed. This helps to keep any possible losses to a bare minimum

    Durable and Safe option:

    The traditional street light may have hidden safety hazards due to, material aging, construction quality, and power supply disorder; whereas the solar led street lights do not use alternate current and hence do not have hidden safety hazards. Due to advanced manufacturing techniques, most solar modules on the market now offer a ten-year performance guarantee. These solar LED equipments have the ability to generate electricity for twenty-five years or even longer.

    Simple installation:

    Solar power street light are easy to install and do not require any additional wiring. Only a strong base and a battery pit are required. The installation of commercial solar lights does not require a large labor force, tools, or finances.

    • Intelligent control:

    With built-in intelligence controls which give them an amazing dusk-to-dawn feature.

    • Motion sensors:

    Solar street light manufactures have added a new feature using which the existing outdoor lights can be upgraded to include motion. It is quite easy, and you can simply add a motion-sensing feature without having to do any wiring. Furthermore, with the use of a remote controller, these solar LED street lights provide the additional property of being able to set all key features like turning the motion detection ON or OFF.

    • Available in wide ranges:

    Commercial solar street light technology has transformed over time, and experts and researchers are continually working to improve the efficiency of solar panels. These are likely to become less expensive in the coming years. Nowadays,  different varieties of solar LED street light are available in the market, each with its own set of features, styles, size, capacities type, etc, all of which are aesthetically manufactured to meet the functional requirements of consumers.


    Because of the conventional energy crisis, solar energy will be used more extensively. In recent years, the photovoltaic market has been on the rise. Solar LED street lights have been widely used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. However, there are several flaws that limit the application and marketing of this product.

    Large initial investment:

    One significant flaw is the large input expenditure. Solar system street light require a significant initial cost. As per a survey, the overall investment of installing a solar LED street light is thrice the cost of installing a traditional street light of comparable efficiency.

    Expensive than conventional street lights:

    In comparison to traditional street light, solar power street light requires a larger initial cost. Due to which many people hesitate to invest. However, they fail to realize that, in the long term, the actual investment in solar LED street lights are substantially cheaper considering the electricity, maintenance, and functional cost, as well as the solar street lights’ extended life cycle.

    The service life of storage battery:

    In most cases, a storage battery will not reach full charge in a year or even six months. Some of them may lose up to 50% of their charging efficiency, which will have a significant impact on the lighting situation at night during rainy days. Thus, when installing a solar power street light, it is critical to use a high-quality lithium battery.

    Risk of theft:

    The risk of theft is more than with traditional street lighting because the street lights with solar system are not wired. Moreover, their higher cost also contributed to the risk.  Even though cable theft is unlikely, the luminaire and panel-which  have a larger monetary worth- are easy to steal

    Occasional inspection when placed in extreme weather conditions:

    Solar panels might not operate efficiently in adverse weather conditions, resulting in lower energy output. Moisture, dust, and snow can be deposited on horizontal solar systems, reducing their efficacy. Users are always advised to set the panels at an angle to prevent excessive accumulation of water; but, it is also recommended that the panels and other components of the solar LED street lights be checked on a regular basis to prolong the system’s life cycle.

    Replacement of batteries:

    When compared to traditional batteries, the new lithium batteries used in solar power system have high durability. However, rechargeable batteries can run out over time and will need to be replaced a few times during the life of the solar power street light. When determining the entire investment for commercial solar street lights, you must also take into account the cost of replacement.

    The selection of the solar charge controller:

    solar power street light controller

    In the marketplace, the quality of these controllers varies greatly. Despite accounting for a modest portion of the total expenditure, the controller is a vital component of the system. Hence, one of the drawbacks is the risk to choose the right or wrong solar street light controller.

    (1) First of all, there should be perfect protection functions, such as battery charging over-voltage protection, battery discharge under-voltage protection, battery and solar panel reverse connection protection, LED output short-circuit protection, protection against nighttime battery discharge to the solar panel, lightning protection and many other protection functions.

    (2) The higher the charging efficiency and constant current drive LED light efficiency the better, high charging efficiency can save solar panels, high efficiency of constant current drive LED light can save battery power, the overall realization of more energy saving, more environmental protection, lower cost.

    (3)  It is best to use a controller with two separate controls, which makes it easy to adjust the power of the whole lamp. At night, when pedestrians are scarce, one or both lighting circuits can be switched off automatically to save electricity, and the power can be adjusted for LED lamps.

    The low conversion efficiency:

    Solar panels have a conversion power density of almost fifteen to nineteen percent. The conversion efficiency of a silicon solar panel is up to 25%. The efficiency of the solar street light, however, is affected by the buildings in its surrounding.

    Geographical and weather conditions:

    Because solar power comes from the sun, geographical and meteorological factors have a direct impact on the lighting state of commercial solar led street lights. The performance will be affected by continuous foggy and rainy weather, and the luminance or brightness of the light will not meet the global standard. What’s worse, the solar street light cannot light up.


    In conclusion, the photovoltaic business will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the future. Solar power street lights will be more commonly used as technology advances and improves. The most prominent pros and cons of solar street lights have been listed above, and it is clear that the benefits outnumber the drawbacks. More and more individuals throughout the globe are switching to solar energy, making a significant contribution to environmental protection. It’s time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of solar energy and decide whether it’s worthwhile to invest. Being a part of this revolution can benefit not only our generation, but future generations as well, by ensuring that they live in a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.

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