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Case Study – Abu Dhabi Solar Street Light Project

abu Dhabi solar street light project

2021 – Pocket Garden Solar Street Lighting Project in Abu Dhabi

Location: Pocket Garden – Abu Dhabi
Product: 50W Solar Street light -X5 X5EQ50W

Project Overview

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in Abu Dhabi is to pitch your tent under the stars. We know that the idea of sleeping on sand or rocks doesn’t always appeal to everyone. That’s why Abu Dhabi has created a new camping park. The park is mainly built around the theme of being environmentally friendly and green. So the use of solar energy for lighting is the best option.

Our Solution

The solution provided is 180pcs X5EQ50W solar street lights. This all-in-one solution enables stable functionality and meets the lighting requirement of the park, providing adequate lighting and improving park safety. The completed off-grid solar system does not require complex installation and wiring.

Escorted by PBOX’s tailored X5 Series solar street lighting solution, 180 X5EQ50W systems were installed in every corner of the garden park. the X5 solar system brings the latest in efficient solar lighting technology while conforming to architectural design principles. Even on the side of the road, the solar lights do not distract people from driving. Each X5 solar system can be controlled independently, allowing the janitor to operate each light when needed.

abu Dhabi solar street light project
Abu Dhabi solar street light project

Bottom Line

The pocket gardens and activity areas throughout the park now have solar lighting, which not only provides campers with the perfect outdoor environment but also makes the neighborhood feel safer and more likely to enjoy park activities after dark. Clean energy lighting is one of the most beneficial improvements to local parks and gardens. Inadequate lighting in public parks often increases local crime and other anti-social behavior. If a park or outdoor space is not adequately lit, it can be difficult to use at night. A pleasantly lit environment can increase the well-being of local residents while improving the safety of the community.

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All in one solar street light

Solar Street Lights - X5

Alumium design, LeFO Lithium-ion Battery,
High Effeciciency solar panel and smart Controller

All in one solar street light

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