60W Solar Street Light | X4s Series All in One Solar Street lights

X4S 60W Solar Street Light

PBOX New design frameless double-sided PV panel solar street lighting series, high lumen, high brightness 60 watt solar street light power, LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery

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60w solar street light

Double SIde Solar Panel

Unique design of the double-sided PV module and tempered glass panels limits the risk of panel degradation and also permit long-term use. The two-sided panel not only captures sunshine from its sun-facing side, but also reflects light from the ground down side. Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels with a conversion efficiency of up to 21%.

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High Efficiency Controller

In-house develops innovative smart controllers that can intelligently adjust the output power and apply to different weather with full protection. with dusk to dawn fuctions that are activated by changes in natural light, which means the solar street light automatically switch on and off with changes in daylight. It can adjust the lighting brightness, such as full brightness for 4 hours and 20% brightness for 4 hours. PIR motion sensor is available.

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Battery Management System

Use eco-friendly and efficient LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged and discharged more than 2000 times. Equipped with self-developed overcharge and overdischarge protection system. Stable performance and high temperature resistance. Lifespan is up to 8 years

Aluminum Lightweight Design

Solid and reliable bracket structure with high-strength 6063 aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant anodized surface. The unique structure and modular design make the bracket strong, light weight and easy to install. Also can resist 16 grade typhoon. Independent system power supply, can be installed anywhere without geographical restrictions.

Industry First Frameless Design

Compare to traditional solar panels X4S frameless solar panels are easier to maintain and clean The design reduces dirt buildup and maximizes efficiency. The innovative corner of the frameless protects the system from impact damage and increases safety during transportation and installation. Safety during transport and installation.

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IP66 Waterproof

The 60w solar street light passed IP66 waterproof test. Fully compliant with outdoor installation requirements. The semi-automatic installation line ensures the precise assembly. The all-aluminum structure ensures excellent rust-proof performance. Each unit is tested for waterproof performance before leaving the factory

Frameless Design Solar Street Light – 60W

X4S series solar street light 60w, this first frameless design medium-high power all in one solar street light . It is a solar lighting system integrating high conversion double-sided solar panel, together with high luminous efficiency LED module (170-180 lumen/watt), an Eco-friendly LiFoPO4 lithium-ion battery with intelligent battery management system, and high-efficiency smart controller.The frameless solar panel structure reduces the build-up of dirt to a maximum extent. Originality design of the high tensile bracket ensures user reliability.

This is an excellent solution for places lacking power supply, rural areas as well as interactive, unattended workplaces with good sunlit environments, or for converting traditional power grids to solar street lights on highways.

60W Solar Street Light Specification

SeriesX4S All In OneX4S Split Type
Model No.X4S150T60X4S150T-SL60
Technical Parameters
Light Output (w)60 watt
Qty. of LED Chips36/
Optional Light DistributionT2
Color Temperature (K)5000
Typical Luminous Flux (lm)10200
Power of PV Module  (W)150150
Battery Capacity (Wh)820820
PIR Motion Sensor
Working Mode  
Min. Working Time (Hours)Bright Mode12
DIM Mode (25%)46
Light Photosensitivity (lx)3030
Net Weight of Product (Kg)3030
Dimensions of Product (mm)1120*728*3221120*728*322
Packing Parameters
Dimensions of Carton (mm)1170*220*8001170*220*800
Gross Weight of Product (Kg)3434
Qty Per Carton (pcs)11
Environment Requirement  
Charge Temperature0℃~54℃0℃~54℃
Discharge Temperature-20℃~54℃-20℃~54℃
Storage Temperature0℃~45℃0℃~45℃
Mounting Recommendation
EPA(Effective Projected Area) (ft2)4.454.45
APA (Actual Projected Area) (ft2)3.713.71
Wind Load Rate (mph)130130
Top of Pole or Tenon OD (mm)65~70
Recommended Installation Height (M)8~10/
Recommended Installation Distance (M)30~45/

Frequancy Ask Questions

Is solar solar street light reliable?


First, since solar street light lighting is not dependent on power from the grid yet instead the sun. Second, due to the fact that PBOX’s advanced solar and patented battery innovation integrate to significantly prolong battery life. This implies we can assure that our innovation is not only trusted yet that it will match and also much better any other solar road lighting solution on the marketplace.

Is it easy to maintain a 60w solar street light?

There is minimal maintenance required on a 60w solar street light system as its frameless solar panel design. the frameless solar panel will reduces the build-up of dirt to maximise efficiency during usage.

What are the best applications for 60w solar street light?

As the solar street lighting system is indepandant, it can easy installing in any place light freeway, rural area, parking lot, park pathway, factory area, comercial zone etc.

Why choosing solar instead of Conventional Lighting?

Solar LED lights are 30-50% more efficient than most conventional street lights. Solar street lights have higher economic benefits than traditional street lights in the long run, and as a clean energy source, solar street lights can reduce pollution and protect the environment.

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