7 Things Should Know When Running Solar Street Light Projects

7 Things Should Know When Running Solar Street Light Projects

As we all know, solar street light is a new energy solution that uses solar energy as energy source, charging during the day and lighting at night. No complicated and expensive pipeline laying, green, long service life, easy installation, suitable for public place road lighting applicable to highways, ordinary highways, country roads and other solar street light projects. More and more lighting projects are using solar solutions, so it’s important to know a few important things before starting a project to help communicate efficiently with solar streetlight suppliers and move the project forward quickly.

solar street light projects

1. Solar Street light Projects Location

In addition to compliance with the basic installation requirements of ordinary road lighting street light, the solar street light is inseparable from the sun during work time, so the installation location shall be kept away from shades of houses, trees, and other objects for avoiding the reduction of power generation efficiency of solar panels and the accordingly shorter work time.
In the Northern hemisphere, the solar panels shall be directed towards the south, while in the Southern hemisphere, the solar panels shall be directed towards the north so that light can receive better sun radiation.

2. Solar Panel

The solar panel is the core part of the solar street light and is the most valuable part of the solar street light projects. Its role is to convert the sun’s radiation power into electrical energy and send it to the battery for storage. The more common and practical of the many solar panels are monocrystalline silicon solar panels and polycrystalline silicon solar panels. Monocrystalline solar panels have high conversion efficiency and stable performance parameters, but the price is relatively high.

3. Battery (backup power)

Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have following outstanding features: Eco-friendly, long service life (charge and discharge times up to 2000 times) make the battery more suitable for energy storage battery cycle charging and discharging characteristics of use.The project design will g configure the battery capacity and match different power solar panels according to the light conditions and the power backup days in the installation area.

4. Lighting module

The obvious thing is the power and color temperature of the light. Basically are using LED lighting source, the most important thing to note is that many suppliers nominal power 300W, 500W, but please pay more attention to the luminous flux parameters of the lamps.

5. Solar Street light assembly bracket

1) Inclination design

In order for the solar module to receive as much solar radiation as possible during the year, an optimal tilt angle must be selected for the solar module

2)Wind-resistant design

Wind resistance is particularly important for solar street lights, especially when the installation site is a coastal highway, desert or hurricane-prone areas, through the most optimal design, the product needs to withstand more than 16 levels of typhoon resistance.

6. Lighting design requirement

Average illuminance

Illuminance is a parameter describing the amount of light flux that hits a surface, abbreviated by the symbol E and measured in lux (LX).Average illuminance is the average illuminance of a given area. In practice, this can be derived from the average illuminance of a representative number of points on a surface, or from the total luminous flux falling on the surface divided by the total area of the surface.

Illumination uniformity

Illuminance uniformity is second only to the average illuminance of the main technical indicators, the definition of illuminance uniformity is the measured area of each point to receive the luminous flux of the uniform degree. The closer the value of illuminance uniformity is to 1, the better the illuminance uniformity of road lighting. In general, up to 0.35 for the basic can, such as can reach 0.5, then the road lighting illumination uniformity for very good.

7. Layout of the installation area

If a complete lighting design and layout is required, an CAD or CDR layout file works best. If AutoCAD files are not available, please provide an address, possibly via Google Earth, for an aerial view. Alternatively rough hand sketches – including rough dimensions of the area to be lit – prove helpful.


Of course, every solar street lighting projects has different requirements in terms of design difficulty. The above information is based on our experience of over 3000 projects and when we have this information, our solar engineers can provide a comprehensive solar lighting system design and quote.

Here are some more questions that can vary depending on the project. These questions include:

  • 1. What is the Lighting distribution type, take street lighting for example, typeII and type III
  • 2. Whit is the Waterproof requirement, IP65 or IP66?
  • 3. Is a Customized bracket for special lighting pole needed?
  • 4. Is a light cutting lens needed?
  • 5. Solar lamp post type or quotation need to include the lamp post


We fully understand that it may not be possible to provide perfect detail and information at the beginning of a project. Of course, the more information you provide about your solar street light projects, the better we can understand the needs of the project and help you promote the project quickly.

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