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5 Types of Solar Streetlights You Should Stay Away From

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Modern solar streetlights are lighting devices that can be found everywhere. A good street light not only provides a healthy lighting environment, but it also saves money. The amount of extra security provided by street lights is immeasurable, and in addition, solar streetlights provide night time protection so that traffic can continue to operate at night. In addition, theft and many other forms of crime occur at night. Therefore, good solar street lights also reduce the occurrence of theft and crime at night. The importance of street lights has led to the presence of many manufacturers in the market. Therefore, before you make any purchase, it is important to know which street lights to avoid. This article will help you understand which street lights to avoid.

1. Low-performance solar streetlights

Low performance solar streetlights can limit your ability to maximize the benefits of your solar streetlights. In addition, if you want to buy street lights for commercial premises such as parking lots, low performance street lights will limit your efficiency and at the same time not provide enough brightness for the protection of lighting. Therefore, when buying street lights, it will help if you avoid using low performance street lights.

2. High maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of street lights such as solar street lights is very low. Therefore, having a street light that needs constant repair and maintenance can cost you a lot. Therefore, when you are in the market for street lights, avoid those that will end up costing you too much.

3. Unreasonable configuration

One thing to avoid when buying solar street lights is unreasonable configuration. A reasonable configuration can use the street even if it can work properly in continuous rainy weather, thanks to a reasonable battery and solar panel pairing. If the street light consumes too much energy every night, but the battery is not enough, then it means there is a high chance that the street light will go out or go dark completely at night. If the street light has energy saving working mode or PIR sensing mode, it can also help to save energy. 4.

4. Vulnerable to bad weather conditions

Weather conditions such as rain and high winds may damage solar street lights. Rain may damage the corrosion of the street light, while wind may cause the solar panel to be covered with too much dust surface to reduce the power generation efficiency. Therefore, when buying, make sure the solar street light can withstand a certain wind resistance and can be waterproof rated at least IP65 or above.

5. Inflated product parameters

Generally speaking, due to the limitation of solar system, solar lighting system is very different from the traditional utility street light, such as in LED lights in terms of power, the market may often see 300W 500W power solar system, a little thought can be known, a 500W street light every night work 12 hours need power is 6000WH, the power of solar panels may need at least 1000W. This is undoubtedly an unreasonable configuration for a solar road system, especially an integrated solar street light.


Nowadays, you can often hear some customers complain that the solar streetlights they bought does not work properly or has been damaged in less than six months. Some manufacturers are in a hurry for quick profits but do not pay attention to the quality standard of their products. A good solar street light can last more than 8 years. Therefore, buying low quality and poor performance street lights not only can not save money but also increase the cost of maintenance and replacement. Therefore, the above points will help you screen out some bad quality solar road products in the market.

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