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5 Simple Things You Need To Know To Extend The Lifespan Of Solar Batteries

Solar Battery Lifespan

As you know , solar battery are used to retain the energy produced by the solar panels during the day. Therefore, when you need lighting for street lights at night, you can use this stored energy to power the light source. Too many solar light systems use it in similar situations.

When delving into the world of solar batteries, one of the first things that are noticed is the price. Therefore, it is natural to want to know how long the solar batteries will take to charge or what the lifespan of solar batteries chosen is before making such a long-term investment.

What affects the lifespan of solar battery?

solar batteries lifespanThe Life Cycles

Each round of complete discharge followed by complete recharge is called battery cycle life. A flooded battery may last for 300 to 700 cycles during normal use. A gel battery may last for 500 to 5000 cycles. Lithium batteries can reach up to 2000 cycles.In the solar street light industry, the batteries used vary, but reliable quality street light factories choose to use Lithium batteries.

Depth of Discharge (DoD)

Discharge depth is the degree to which a solar cell is used relative to its overall capacity. Batteries undergo degradation during charging and discharging. This slowly reduces their ability to store energy. For example, a battery with a nominal capacity of 100 kWh will have 40 kWh of power remaining at 60% DoD.

Solar Battery Temperature

The temperature conditions where you live can also affect the life of solar cells. Therefore, it is necessary to adequately protect and charge the battery. The chemical activity of the battery will be higher when stored at high temperatures. Therefore, when the temperature of the room is too low, the capacity of the solar cell decreases. However, at higher temperatures, the cycle life of the battery is also reduced.

How to extend the life of solar Batteries?

Balance the number of batteries.

Try to reduce the number of cells you use in your battery pack. Using more cells will increase connections and resistance and may result in uneven charging. Try to limit the number of cells you utilize in your battery pack to four or less.


Improve equalization on your solar batteries.

Battery equalization is the procedure of overcharging your solar panels at a regulated way. Unequal charging of batteries creates sulphation on home plates. Overcharging removes this with gassing. There are some solar batteries with built-in solar charge controllers to inhibit overcharging.

Do not leave solar batteries uncharged for a long time.

Solar batteries can be harmed if they are left uncharged for a long time. Make sure the charging source is always on so that the battery is constantly charged.

Use the right type of solar batteries.


There are two prominent sorts of solar batteries that can last a long time after an appropriate charge:

Lead-acid batteries

Despite the fact that lead-acid batteries have a reduced DoD (deepness of discharge) and also a much shorter lifetime contrasted to the following kind, lead-acid batteries function well and also are fairly priced.

Lithium-ion batteries

This kind is a lot more costly than both kinds reviewed above; however, if you are trying to find a solar cell with practical power retention, it is just one of the most effective options.

Lithium batteries are more advised to utilize due to the fact that they can last as much as 8 years. They can be easily replaced if they are not functioning properly as a result of the unique water resistant plug as well as ports utilized. Guarantee that the lithium battery you utilize has actually a rated voltage of 12.8 V or 25.6 V to make sure that it will certainly last long and also they are much cleaner and also much safer for the environment

Solar Battery Charging and Maintenance

A solar Battery will need billing based on its type, version, and also size. Only with the right or appropriate amount of charging, one can delight in the product’s potential to the max. Thus, identifying the charging time/period is essential. Likewise, taking correct treatment of the batteries is also necessary to ensure it remains in working order and also can holding the cost for as much time as feasible.

Bottom line

These are the recommendations that you need to know in order to extend the life of your solar batteries. Therefore, before choosing a battery, or solar lighting system, it is recommended that you read the information provided by the manufacturer and take the necessary steps to remove any doubts. However, whether you want to be more environmentally friendly, choose the most reliable solar product, or install it in your project or home, solar cells are the most worthwhile part of your investment.

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