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4 Kinds Of Popular Solar Street Light Poles On The Market

With the increasing demand for solar street lighting, the market for solar street light poles is getting bigger and bigger. But do you know? In fact, there are different classifications of street light poles, and street light poles use different materials. Some street light poles are popular in different countries around the world, and some are gradually withdrawn from the market, the following to give you a street light poles. For the outdoor street light pole, because it is susceptible to some storm and other natural factors, so we generally need to use a tougher, higher resistance to the material to system.

solar street light polesDifferent ways of classification:

1, By the height of the street light classification: tall street light poles, road light poles, garden light poles.

2, By the material of street light pole classification: iron street light pole and aluminum alloy street light pole, stainless steel street light pole; glass steel pole. We are mainly talking about this article is classified by material.

Solar Street Light Poles Type:

1. Stainless Solar Steel Light Poles

Stainless steel hardness than aluminum and iron light poles, but the cost is more expensive, the surface treatment than aluminum less gold less, by hot-dip galvanized in line with international standards can reach 15 years of product life. Mostly used in courtyards, neighborhoods, parks and other places.

Advantages: high strength. Strong wind resistance. Good anti-corrosion performance, long service life.
Disadvantages: high price, less surface treatment

2. Iron Solar Street Light Pole:

also known as Q235 steel light pole. Using high-quality Q235 steel (silicon content of steel is not higher than 0.04%) rolled, hot-dip galvanized treatment, can be 15 years without rusting, very hard. This is the most common street light on the market, especially in developing countries, general road lighting use.

Advantages: high strength, cheap.

Disadvantages: easy to corrode and rust; three times heavier than aluminum, high transportation and installation costs; monotonous surface treatment

3. Aluminum Solar Street Light Pole:

Aluminum Light Pole is generally divided into aluminum alloy spinning light pole and casting light pole, generally more than 3 meters high light pole are used aluminum alloy spinning light pole. In order to ensure the strength, the light poles over 10 meters generally have to do heat treatment to make the strength of aluminum alloy light poles reach T6. high strength aluminum alloy, not only humane to protect the safety of personnel, and high strength, without any surface treatment, also has more than 50 years of corrosion resistance and good appearance.

1、Good anti-corrosion performance
2、Maintenance free
3、Light weight, easy to transport and install
4、Rich surface treatment
5、Long life span
6, recyclable, and low melting temperature, energy saving and emission reduction

Compared to the iron light pole, the strength of the aluminum alloy light pole is lower, but the strength of aluminum alloy light pole can be made to reach the standard of T6 through the later heat treatment. The price is more expensive.

4. Glass steel Solar street light pole

Mainly made of high-quality glass steel, the strength of FRP material is comparable to that of high-grade alloy steel. This material is relatively less used.

Advantages of FRP light pole:
1. light quality, easy to install; 
2. low cost of installation.
3. strong wind resistance,
4. good corrosion resistance and insulation properties

Disadvantages of fiberglass poles: 
1. short service life; 
2. no recycling value, very difficult and expensive to handle; 
3. UV damage to the pole is very serious; 
4. maintenance costs are too high; 
5. easily damaged by outside equipment.

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