PBOX’s CEO and Vice President investigate the solar market in Nigeria
Date: 2019-06-03 Hits: 1136

In early May 2019, the company's CEO Enson Meng and vice president Freddy Tong came to Nigeria for the first time to conduct an in-depth study of Nigeria's national conditions and local solar industry market capacity and opportunities.


Led and introduced by the Nigerian Energy Agency engineers, Enson Meng and Freddy Tong went deep into the rural areas of Nigeria and visited the local power situation. A 25KW micro solar power station can power the nearby more than 100 families, making their lives brighter. Just in Nigeria, nearly 90 million people live in places where there is no electricity supply!


This impressed us a lot and our sense of mission arises. PBOX's solar street lights and solar power supply system can improve their living environment, can drive away the darkness and bring brightness in home, can supply power to TV radios and other appliances, can supply power to refrigerators for various virus vaccines storage. No high-tech required , reliable and durable performance that really matters.


We are on our way, making solar for everyone!

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